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Swag, what promoter you to increase the oil repair costs so dramatically?

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Ok, so I understand that I'm not the only one who has mentioned this, however, I am going to share some actual comparisons for you so that you can get a better picture of the ramifications of this decision.
Last week, to fully repair my entire platoon of 8 level 10 reapers, two t-bolts, two level 6 Abrams 1 sniper and one rocket buggy and 8 level 5 m270 from fully dead was 4570 in oil. This morning however, in order to repair 8 dead reapers, 2 dead tbolts, 2 dead Abrams and 1 dead m270 was a little over 5800 in oil. I've spent a decent amount of money in this game (far more than I ever spent inthe 6 years of playing original WC), and at this rate I don't think I will be spending any more.
This change has taken the fun out of the game as well as slowed gameplay to an absolute crawl.
When oil barely trickles in, even with upgraded pumps, people like me who can only hold 15k in oil can barely get 5 attacks in before we are completely done for another 6 hours while we wait for our stores to fill back up.
Here's a few ideas for you:
1. In the daily crates replace the redeployment tokens with a barrel of oil - say 2k.
2. Put oil mines on the map
3. Give us the same production bonus for oil that we have for metal.
4. Give us an oil bonus in the bronze, silver and gold crates we get from winning pvp battles or in strongholds (especially since you took away our artillery fobs which were incredible useful for those.... they actually helped us reduce our oil costs when hitting them)

While I appreciate the fact that Kixeye's main objective is to make money, you also need to look at the product you are selling. I mean for two old bvtalk live arbiters to go from not spending a dime on a game for 6 years to dropping several hundred in less than 6 months says something good about this game... however, whales won't fight whales.... so you have to keep some fish around too... and this increase in oil sure isn't the way to do it.

  • WarriorsDragon
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    Well, since I can't edit my post lol you get to read another one. The oil cost for my mostly dead platoon is actually over 7900 in oil to repair not 5800 and the title was supposed to ask what prompted you not what promoter you. I blame it on a lack of coffee and Siri trying to be a smartass and trying to read my mind lmao

  • sathakarni
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    Seriously....for lower level players like is even more worst! Need to have other ways to get oil.

  • KIXEYE Swag
    KIXEYE Swag
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    Thanks for the suggestions.  This is definitely a topic that we are discussing and that we will respond to in the near future.
  • WarriorsDragon
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    Thanks swag! It's making attacking **** near impossible and war is almost out of the question because we run out of oil so fast. It's affecting gameplay as well as Kideyes bottom line... we'd rather spend money upgrading things instead of on repairs

  • John Smith81
    John Smith81
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    This is just stupid. Uninstalling.

  • SuperAlien
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    Instead of limiting the oil to slow our progress they should raise the cost in metal. I'd rather be able to play as more at my current level and progress slower through metal collection. At least then I'm able to play and engage in wars with my alliance.

  • Michael Woomert
    Michael Woomert
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    You updated the attacks on the event to the point that is cost me over 1600 deployment token to defeat one base , I had 65 % attack bonus and when I finally won I had 2 crates . It will take me forever to be build the talkers at the rate of your crates . The first week is thought it was oil to reattach why change it . And why did the difficulty increase so much , You update things before you have the kinks worked out from the last update . And everything you do is for you to make money !! Nothing for the enjoyment of playing if I can come on and nay make one raid before I run out of oil or tokens , why should I play ??

  • Funken_A
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    edited 4 May 2017, 4:40PM
    Can anyone think of another game that goes on to be big and successful where they limit the amount of time you can play to this extreme.. I understand the need to have some wait times but 2 hours or more is just a recipe to force gamers to leave.

    We're gamers not sit around and waitters

    Every great game I've ever played doesn't do this. Hell even Clash of Clans dramatically reduced their build times of armies and at worse they were 45 minute army builds

    I've played Dawn of Titans, Domination's, Boom Beach, clash of Clans Galaxy Wars and none of them had me waiting longer that 45 minutes at worst case scenarios

    Let people play the game.....  when people are playing they'll play more but these long waits from no oil to just enough for 1 attack is serving one purpose.. Its forcing me to go out there and try 100's of games to find the one that will let me play it

    If you do not change the oil situation very soon I will find that game and I will be putting my money there
    Oil I need oil.. Oil to play Oil to justify playing Oil just oil
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