i have 5 mk5 ANNIHILATORS but

  • Schwarzie2k
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    At least the Xeno Rupture Beam will be an excellent choice for the cutter.
  • space wars
    space wars
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    lmfao storm dude if u are to poor to coin do not hate those who has money to coin.. never asked if i was a troll i asked advice on weapons why do u go off the topic dude? doesnt mean if i have coins i cannot ask advice.. u sound like a troll may i add a poor troll. guys like me keep vega servers on
  • Harlan Harvey
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    C'mon Space Wars. Your being a little hard on the guy ;) Your post title starts out sounding a little bit like bragging. You have to expect at least 1 person is going to take it that way. I mean you could have asked the same question without even mentioning that they were mk5 much less that you paid for 5 of them.
    That's like telling people you have a perfect body and can't find anything to wear! Or telling your friend with the Honda that you love his car and you wish your Tesla had this many cup holders! ....no matter how unintended, someone will find insult in what you say.

  • Baculum
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    What a dipshit - coining all those ships.  Its people, sorry fuckwits, like you that have ruined this game
  • Hummmmm
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    Keep the good sprit going an get alien gun for al of them
    I am cute 

  • RyantheRed
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    It always amuses me to find people so insecure with their own monetary earnings to have to brag about it on the internet. Unless youre making at least seven figures a year, dont talk about being rich lmao. With the housing recession just a decade ago any young person with a good brain could have made it "rich"

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