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There are many strategies that go into building a strong alliance.  We have many great alliances that truly know how to bring there A game and set the bar for others to chase. 

However, a critical competent to building a strong alliance in my opinion is grooming and testing your members.  What do I mean?  I believe it's important to not fill the ranks of your alliance with dozens of unknowns that are of a untested quality.  This was brought to light by a rather unique individual who sore I ran BV talk.  While uninformed, this sort of set the tone as to how I relate to other members of his alliance/even his own leadership. 

At it's heart and core, the best alliances are a brotherhood, players who activity compete against each other, who fight tooth and nail for each other, and  help there fellow player out when RL demands there attention.

Ideologies, strategies, and even the community are formed around the players inside a alliance.

If your players are that uninformed and make such a critical error when attempting to fling insults.  When those insults are based on a good dose of a substance that your mother begged you not to use, and all your facade friends dared you to use.  From experience, it is the result of the players around them.  While it was comical.  It raises a bigger question.

Do the players make the alliance?  Rhetorically, yes.  However, what is it about those we unite with that creates that bond that transforms into the colors of the alliance.  That is at the heart, a very good discussion to have?

Why do I wish to have this discussion?  Many players are growing up in the era of farming, alliances are simply a feature, or the have a narrow view of what a alliance is.  In this discussion I seek to have, I wish to explore that concept of alliance comrade and bonds.  (Hopefully we can get some good broke back Maintain stuff going, but I take anything that is thoughtful and informative.)  

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    No clue why nobody has replied to this yet

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    Probably because that huge wall of text doesn't make much sense. I've been the leader of two large alliances and what I've learned is people will happily sell you out at the drop of a hat for the opportunity to be in another alliance higher up the leaderboards, its as simple as that. Also, dont hold onto inactive players, you might not want to lose inactive people with 100+ medals but if you keep that mentality for too long you just end up leading a graveyard. Inactive people need kicking regardless of how many medals they have, that way you'll always have a healthy and active alliance. Nobody wants to be in a dead alliance with nobody to talk to or to ask for help. Kick out keyboard warriors that like to rage and stirr trouble in main comms, people like that are no good if you want an alliance to be successfull. If starting an alliance I would suggest having a joining minimum level of base or medals, that way you'll know you'll be taking onboard someone that takes the game seriously.

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    One of the best tricks I have found is to have an alliance to teach new bases the game, and a main alliance. The new bases will follow all the rules and have them ground into their heads, because if they don't they get on the wrong side of the alliance. The trick is to base newbs for insubordination and to instill in them a love for your alliance and a loyalty that will never end. That is what my first alliance did to me (the alliance is L.A.-2) and I have never left the alliance. I was based for insubordination, yes, kicked for inactivity, yes, but my alliance always responded to my cries for help against enemies and gave me lots of tips for VC. Tat2bob was my mentor in this game of war, and I am forever grateful.
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