Khaleesi B
Khaleesi B
Joined Dec 2015 Posts: 5
I have had enough!
I have had enough of waiting for fleets I can actually kill between these stupid phases, I don't have all day to sit here waiting through phases.
I refuse to coin the huge rep from too much damage for little reward (this would be less of an impact if more than one fleet could rep at a time or if the rep was actually worth the pay out). The huge amount of alien fleets that are passing through sectors without any attackers just prove the point that this event is a joke. Why is the sector flooded with fleets no one can survive hitting, who had that bright idea? 
I am tired of constant events and civil wars. 
The new gating rule means that bases that were built to defend against fleet levels a lot higher than the base level can not be beaten by fleets that are within 5 levels but who has got the time to relearn basing between these events. 

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