March Alien Decimation Briefing

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Another Alien Decimation is upon us and the Aliens continue to ramp up their aggression.

This activity will contain three phases of Alien forces. The Alien forces within each phase are as follows:

Unknown Hive Fleets lvl 40-55 (pts range 1000 - 5,000)

Unknown Reaper Fleets lvl 60-78 (pts range 30,000 - 152,460)

Unknown Barrage Hive Fleets lvl 80-90 (pts range 243,936 - 382,329)


Unknown Barrage Hive Fleets lvl 80-88 (pts range 243,936 - 324,008)

Unknown Barrage Harvester Boss Targets lvl 90-95 (pts range 550,814 - 728,451)


  • The highest level target is a Boss version of the new Barrage (Defense) Hive that deals Explosive & Alien Damage
  • It's extremely powerful at long ranges, but is vulnerable to attack from up close.
  • The best strategy is to speed through its long range weapons, because it does significantly less damage at close range. As such, Cutters are recommended. 

All Phase 3 targets contain loot that is guaranteed to drop, if the following requirements are met:

  • Battle ends in victory (not a draw or defeat)

  • Phase 3 timer is still active when combat ends

Point payouts (updated):

Loot drops:

Barrage Hive lvl 80-85: Decimator Cutter Mk II Box

Barrage Hive lvl 88-90: Decimator Cutter Mk III Box AND Xeno Cluster Missile I Blueprint

Harvester Boss lvl 90: Decimator Cutter Mk III Box AND Xeno Cluster Missile II Blueprint

Harvester Boss lvl 93: Punisher Cruiser Mk IV Box AND Xeno Cluster Missile II Blueprint

Harvester Boss lvl 95: Punisher Cruiser Mk V Box AND Xeno Cluster Missile II Blueprint


Item                                                      Cost                         Repeatable

Javelin Flagship Box                            1,500,000                       No

Dominion Carrier (Blueprint)               1,300,000                       No

Elite Decimator Cutter Token              1,250,000                        6

Basilisk Cutter (Blank hull)                     800,000                        3

Heavy Cluster Missile II (RI)                    200,000                       30

Heavy Cluster Missile I (RI)                     150,000                       30

Xeno Munitions II (Blueprint)                  800,000                       No

Xeno Munitions I (Blueprint)                   650,000                       No

EX Heavy Talonite Armor II (RI)                 90,000                       30

EX Heavy Talonite Armor I (RI)                  60,000                       30

EXAL Heavy Talonite Armor II (Blueprint) 1,000,000                   No

EXAL Heavy Talonite Armor I (Blueprint) 800,000                       No

Anodized Resistor III (RI)                          75,000                       15

Anodized Resistor II (RI)                           45,000                       15

Anodized Resistor I (RI)                            30,000                       15

Skirmish Resistor III (RI)                           75,000                       15

Skirmish Resistor II (RI)                            45,000                       15

Skirmish Resistor I (RI)                             30,000                       15

Hardened Resistor III (RI)                         75,000                       15

Hardened Resistor II (RI)                          45,000                       15

Hardened Resistor I (RI)                           30,000                       15

Wormhole Drive Type-E I (RI)                   50,000                      No

Wormhole Drive Type-E II (RI)                200,000                      No

Wormhole Drive Type-E III (RI)               500,000                      No

Wormhole Blitz Drive I (RI)                       50,000                      No

Wormhole Blitz Drive II (RI)                    200,000                      No

Wormhole Blitz Drive III (RI)                   500,000                      No

Demon Corps Pattern Boxes                  400,000/ea               1/ea

T5 Core Boxes                                      300,000/ea                3/ea

Demon Corps Parts Boxes                    130,000/ea                 6/ea


Heavy Cluster Missile I/II (RI)

Xeno Munitions I/II (Blueprint)

Elite Decimator Cutter Token

Note: Elite Decimator Cutter Token can only be applied to Mk V Decimator Cutters.

Xeno Cluster Missile I/II (Blueprint // Loot Drop)


  • Xeno Cluster Missile Blueprint drops in pieces, not all at once.

  • No Carrier materials are included in the Strongboxes that are offered

  • All Enemy fleets are Solo Targets only (No Co-Op).


ENDS 3.27.17 3PM PST


If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.

Having trouble submitting a ticket? Try this link.

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  • wineutopia
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    Are the harvesters not even co-op as well?
  • fandobanando
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    @wineutopia said:
    Are the harvesters not even co-op as well?

    Nope all single player

    Potential Threat
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    Are you out of your mind kix? Do you want to talk? really
  • Sonidojoo
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    how many parts and armaments in mk4 and mk5 boxes?
  • annubis547
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    Joined Oct 2015 Posts: 166

    Are you kidding me plz say this is some joke. No where on any notes did use say you where changing the harvesters and a lvl 90/95 fleet do you not think we take enough damage from harvesters

  • D 3 7 F 0
    D 3 7 F 0
    Potential Threat
    Joined Nov 2014 Posts: 55
    1. where are the xeno cannons?

    2. what's your goal kixeye? do you want money? let's introduce a monthly fee, like this it doesn't make any sense.. the game is just unplayable and even if someone want spend some money, he can't program anything because you keep continuing to introduce random new tech..

  • jinko821
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    watch, they will give the harvester a stasis field like the new hives... i have mk4 punishers and i do not think they will last
  • norlam
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    Joined Jun 2015 Posts: 53
    I believe this event was made for like a dozen heaviest coiners that in their turn will still get annihilated by OP aliens, even with XD fleets. Doubtful that it will even create incentive to coin for anyone else.
  • jaca_nysa
    Joined Jan 2016 Posts: 7
    its seems better than prostitution, you ve been f@@cked and U also pay for that ...
  • x4y4z4t4
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    Joined Mar 2014 Posts: 268
    Anyone notice that the Xeno Munition buff stats are % (percent)-based, but not a fixed value? That is to ensure that you gain no benefit when use them with Xeno Cannon, since Xeno Cannon has NO splash (aoe) at all.
  • haaaaker
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    May i ask @CMDOOMROOSTER
    WHY was Alien Decimation events introduced to us as CO-OP events and was ment to be CO-OP events if you then all of a sudden turns it into Single player events. The Decimation events was cool because it made players Cooperate to get to the end goal. And that was the whole point of this. To make players be able to Cooperate in other ways than hitting eachother bases for ressources/medals. And now you take away that whole idea. Great job on destroying what many players found fun/enjoyable.

  • fandobanando
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  • alison luiz
    alison luiz
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    Now There is no harvester level 75, ?

  • alison luiz
    alison luiz
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