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App crashes when attacking some bases

Greg DeRosa
Greg DeRosa
Joined Dec 2016 Posts: 2
when attaching some bases about 30% of the time. when the app restarts get a dialog saying an action from another player occurred while saving your data then you get check your internet connection. So we have cheaters or you still have the internet issue. I have filed numerous tickets on this. This started to occur after the last update. It is not my internet, its something with the code.
  • WingBlade
    Skilled Warrior
    Joined Feb 2014 Posts: 306
    Its not cheating bases, least the reason for this, I've been having it happen on campaign missions.
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  • CM Chris
    CM Chris
    KIXEYE Community Manager
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    What you are describing are performance issues which require connectivity troubleshooting. Please feel free to file a support ticket and go through the troubleshooting process with a Support agent. They will help you identify the source of the issue.
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  • Hrinko
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 13

    I have also had this happen, and I'm on a 5G network.

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