Rookie Question: Miner Rebellion Weapons

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Though obviously under-powered compared the fancy blueprint weapons, Miner Rebellion weapons are still the arsenal base for rookies like me.
How effective are they? I am currently Bridge 3 late level and didn't expected Plasma Torpedo to be a big splash inaccurate rocket that it is.

I guess I will state my opinion on each weapons and hopefully pros like you can shed some light too.

Pulse Ray: Standard Energy weapon, only good up until Bridge 2 tech. Heavy. Single shot, average ROF.
Rail Driver: Standard Projectile weapon, great at missing targets, used for low level sniping fleets. Single shot 
Scatter Missile: Standard Explosive Weapon, a shotgun, never seems to do good damage but hits. Several Missles

Disruptor Ray: Much more better and lighter with only slightly shorter range. Though is useless in PvP unless used in a speed blitz build as it has high DPS. Does damage in a burst.
Gauss Driver: Practically better than Rail Driver in every way though also the same. Upgrades low level sniping fleets. Still misses.
Hex Missile: Feels much more better than Scatter Missile. Viable for base sniping fleet. Lobs 2 shots in 2 quick barrages.

Plasma Torpedo: Feels less effective than HEX Missile (barely use it though). Great AOE. Viable sniping fleet weapon. Fires like the HEX Missile.
Polaron Ray: Longest range. Upgrades from Disruptor Ray but lesser DPS. (haven't unlocked it yet)
Mass Driver: The big brother of the Miner Rebellion Ship Projectile weapon. Probably misses. Normal upgrade.

I guess I should also cover Base weapons too.

Thermal Ray Turret: Death laser that easily gets outranged. Possibly good against blitz fleet with only one turret.
Coil Driver Turret: Projectile weapon used by base. Counters sniping fleets.
Graviton Ray Turret: High enough range to hit low range sniping fleets. Probably as effective as a ping pong ball launcher.

Plasma Missile Turret: HEX Missile for the base. Real anti-blitz weapon. Pretty inaccurate.
Kinetic Driver Turret: Upgrade to the Coil Driver Turret. Enough said. (haven't unlocked it)
Fusion Torpedo Turret: Probably Plasma Torpedo for the base. (haven't unlocked it)

So how true are my thoughts on the Miner Rebellion weapons? What are the most effective ones in what situations?

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    Nice summary. 

    For most people, researchable weapons are a stopgap until you can get your hands on bp/event weapons.  Hex missiles on Genesis cruisers or Rancor battleships gets you to hydra missiles, and from there you never look back. 

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    The only useful weapons after you obtain the hydra missiles the Polaron rays. They can be used with Foccus Optics 5 for reasonable effectiveness on battleships.

    Some other standard rebel explosive weapons can be used on battleships with Volitile Fuel for interesting effect, but that is assuming of course that you own Volitile Fuel.

    Edit: Pokémon rays

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    pretty accurate analysis, your upper level base thoughts are right. they all suck, get your hands on anything. gladius driver for the win,
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    All researchable weapons are useless. Tier 1 event tech is better
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    Only Useful weapons are the Hex Missle which is Op when you stack em on battleships sending a death wave to its target and the Polaron Ray also Op when stacked on battleships and for base the Coil Driver when past lvl 3 it gets better add irdium magnets and you got a blue beam of death, Scattermissle can be alright for stationary targets and are best stacked on battleships for increased accuraty, your description is 100% accurate, unlock Bps and you will start a chain reaction, Don't under and circumstances would you use anything other then i mentoned above, Miner Rebellion Weapons Suck, Period.
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