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El Cucuy

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El Cuckoo more like.
Rise of La Meurte should be La Merde.
What a load of crap this fiasco was. I'll stick to killing noobs in PvP instead and not spend any money again.
I just love the idea of keeping up with changes made. Brings a new dimension to the game. :)
  • oldbutnotpassedit
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    OK, feedback, this event has got me pretty well decided to give up the game. You had a lot of feedback from last event of this sort, you listened to part of it, the bit that said it's too easy from some while you ignored the too difficult from others. You made multiple changes, that favour players that were maxed or had done many upgrades to troops.

    You gave these players no chance to re balance their troops or towers, then changed it again, and again. My head is still spinning!

    I posted here in the last event that I found it impossible to complete, that was when I was fairly new on the map, loads of upgrades since and I am still struggling to get an army together because you keep changing everything.

    900 redeploy tokens needed, max 2500. need to nail it on 4th attempt.

    Couldn't do that, my alliance are nowhere due to time zone, war zone and just because they gave up.

    Can I be bothered to farm 2500 redeploy tokens to try again? NOPE NO WAY.

    I am still trying to work out why you did this event that was unpopular according to feedback on these forums, rather than a new alliance war, which, apart from the terrible rewards, everyone enjoyed (allegedly).

    And if I fail, if I don't take part, it seems I will be further disadvantaged as I will not have access to the new Sniper.

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