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EXTREAMLY Unhappy with the update and have quit? Go get your money back.

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edited 8 Mar 2017, 12:13PM
I can understand alot of people are really angry becaurse of this update and want to quit or already did. Lets say you are a level 47 and you have invested heavy (used real moeny on the game) in getting hinds and buggies, mg and AA towers, well then all you money and time spend on this game is suddenly hugely devaluated from the update. Google actually takes thise things pretty serius and protect their customers. So, I have no doubt that you can complain to Google Play and get then to pay your money back that you invested in the game. They have done that alot before in other games, for changes alot less significant than this. 

Warning tho: Kixbye will most likely delete your account permantly, and maby even delete other kixeye accounts you have.

For me, im going to wait it out and see how they will fix this mess they made with the update. 
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