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La Muerte

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Nice job you guys completely screwed this event up. It was a bit too easy before and in my opinion the end fight should have been harder. Now it's impossible to do in one go. I get that. It wasn't working as intended. Now it's not even close to being worth it and I won't be participating anymore. You completely screwed this event up.

I am currently in a level 37 area. Was able to run the base consistently in one go. Had to use redeploy tokens once. I had other alliance members struggleing however to finish so I thought ok based on the drop rate of redeploy tokens I guess it's about right. The changes you made to the base PLUS adding additional units is too much.

Now with the 30-45 seconds wasted because of all the cut dialogue not to mention the increased difficulty of the layout itself not to mention the additional units at the end I just don't think it's reasonable to expect someone to finish in one go. I'm sure I could finish it with enough redeploy tokens in one or definitely two redeploys. That's most likely how you wanted it. Farm outpost to gather redeploy tokens. .... BUT YOUR DROP RATE FOR TOKENS IS ABSOLUTELY PITIFUL. What would be more reasonable is 14 for a copper chest, 100 something for silver 500+ for gold so in the process of respawing the stronghold I might gather enough tokens for one redeploy. If I really want a shot at it I would go after additional tokens so that I might have enough for two redeploys. Either that or cut the cost of a redeploy. As it is now you took a slightly broken event and completely smashed it into pieces. Nice job.

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    Yeah, that bump up is a little much, tier 6 looks about as difficult as the tier 8 bases were before. You upgraded troops, their numbers and replaced turrets with higher levels/variants. You could beat the bases with a well coordinated attack and troop selection before. Now it looks like you want it to be impossible to win with good tactics.

    I'm fine with you increasing the difficulty but only if you increase the Redeploy token drop rate. Having a higher weighted chance of not getting any for attacking an outpost is dumb. By that I am talking about bronze boxes. Bronze NEEDS to award tokens, otherwise it will take us until the end of the event to attack again... not a good move. Out of the 35+ outposts I attacked, I only got 1 gold, 15-17silver and the rest bronze. If I got silver every time it would still take a TON of attacks to get just 1, 1 redeploy. I already stated this in the "how to" video

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    Took a few tries but I found a new strategy to 1 attempt victories against level 6 strongholds. I use 4 merkavas (lvl 2),6 buggies (lvl 6), and 17 machine gunners (lvl 5). I use 6 lvl 2 artillery to free the commando and damage the troops near the last alliance building. (He is immortal and will Agro all enemies)

    I send the tanks after the first mg turret, quickly followed by the buggies.

    As soon as the mg is dead I make the buggies go for the salvo.

    After that is dead I have the tanks go after the machine gunners at the choke point by the howitzer, leaving the machine gunners and buggies to take out the buildings while the tanks work.

    Then after the machine gunners are down I have the tanks drive between the salvo and the generator, which I then have the tanks take out the howitzer and salvo. Then I have it take out the Flak.

    I then use thunderbolts to take out the MG and Howitzer guarding the Power Plant.

    I then instruct the buggies and Machine gunners to catch up, leaving the mg gunners at the street until the salvos are gone.

    While waiting for the buggies to arrive I have the tanks attack the s13s then go after the Abrams. The buggies should have caught up by then and have them attack the Abrams as well.

    I take out the power plant then move the tanks up to attack the first salvo. At the same time I have the buggies target the generator asap, then immediately switch to the railgun. I repeat that for the top railgun after the salvos are dead.

    I then start moving up the machine gunners and have the tanks target the generator by the last MG turret. The buggies should be targeting the mg turret as well.

    I then wipe the rest of the buildings and movement up to the immortal commando. (He will not die regardless of how much he has been shot)

    Have the tanks hit the buggies, the buggies hit the tanks, the machine gunners the choppers. After they are all dead move the tanks to attack the bottom flak.

    Seperate the buggies and the machine gunners so both don't get hit at the same time. VERY IMORTANT

    Have the BUGGIES ATTACK FIRST, quickly followed by the machine gunners, GG. If done right you should have 30 seconds to spare. ;)

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