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No connection

Joined Feb 2017 Posts: 5

Are the servers down? I can't log on to play gives and error connection.

  • Dai Combo
    Dai Combo
    Potential Threat
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 51
    I think they released a bad patch... a lot of people getting this
  • ghost9116
    Joined Feb 2017 Posts: 5

    My base better not be getting attacked while I can't play. Lots of mulla

  • aly
    Joined Aug 2012 Posts: 3

    I can't open the game because massege of poor connection

  • John Osborne
    John Osborne
    Joined Feb 2017 Posts: 23
    People in the forum have reported this for over 24hrs, comments in google play store too saying the same thing....Kixeye doesn't care...Had no response from anyone at kixeye! 
    Can't even submit a support ticket as I can't get in the game to get it and any email that goes directly to [email protected] comes back with a crap message about an unwatched mailbox.....POOR SHOW KIXEYE!
  • CM Chris
    CM Chris
    KIXEYE Community Manager
    Joined Mar 2014 Posts: 3,706
    The game team is aware of these issues and is investigating. We appreciate your patience.
    KIXEYE Director of Marketing
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  • carlesbc
    Joined Feb 2017 Posts: 2

    think that the way to press it wil be put 1 star on playstore, i liked this game, and spent some money on it. Did a bad bet........

  • gmorris
    Potential Threat
    Joined Dec 2016 Posts: 26

    Well jury is still out on that, but never give these guys any money. If it where worth paying for we would have already done so. Go buy Arma 3 if ya want a awesome war sim/game.

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