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Battle Briefing for Rise of La Muerte

Unicorn Overlord
Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 3,665

The battle is on! El Cucuy is here and it’s your job to stop him before La Muerte can spread out.

In order to make a La Muerte base appear, execute the following orders:

  • Join an Alliance
  • Choose and enter a War Zone of your level
  • Find a Zone Area subtitled, “Rise of La Muerte”
  • Destroy 25 Outposts (not Strongholds) in that Area only

La Muerte Bases have certain rules

  • You can attack the first time as normal
  • Damage to the base will persist to the next attack
  • Each attack after the first will require Redeploy Tokens
    • They will heal your Army
    • They can be earned by destroying Outposts, in silver and gold chests
  • TIP: earn a lot of Redeploy Tokens before attacking a La Muerte Base

Each time a member of your Alliance defeats El Cucuy, your entire Alliance will receive a +5% damage modifier, applied to all Attacks. This effect lasts for two hours and can stack up to six times.

Rewards are indicated in the details tab when you highlight the base:

  • SuperAlien
    Potential Threat
    Joined Jun 2011 Posts: 54

    When does this begin? I watched the video entered my war zone I see nothing new.

  • rbetzing
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 1

    So you changed the La Muerte base in the middle of the event to make it so hard that everybody stopped playing it. Nice move Kixeye

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