How to base and 2-3 star it

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1. Build 6 Heretic Cruisers from your fleet bay. Fleet bay level XI, XII, and XIII recommended.

2. Farm ISC 60, 63, and 65 fleets to obtain parts, patterns, and cores for Heretic Cruisers.

3. Once you have enough materials to make 6 Heretic MK1, 2, 3 ,4, and 5, upgrade your 6 Heretic Cruisers with them.

4. Refit every MK5 Heretic Cruisers with Manifold III and Zynthium V and Unstable Reactor III. You can add other specials and boosts as well.

5. You now have an unstoppable Kami-kaze fleet of MK5 Heretic Cruisers to destroy anyone's base with it. 

6. Proceed to choose a base with several medals and resources. Then fly over to your target. Make sure to bring an escort with you to fight off enemies.

7. During battle with the enemy base, rush your cruisers near the bridge. Make sure to avoid mines.

8. Once your cruisers HP starts to go low, steer the low HP cruisers right in the middle of the bridge. Once your cruiser dies, it will explode and do several damage to the bridge due to the Unstable Reactor III.

9. After you destroy the bridge, you may either retreat or finish off the enemy base.

10. Congratulation! You have successfully won the battle. Now, all you have to do is return both your escort and the damaged fleet back to your base. Beware of enemies trying to attack you.

11. Once you return home, start repairing your fleet! Once it's finished, you may choose another target or the same target. 

Thank you all for reading my post and happy playing!!! ;)
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    Sure... and spend 24 hours repairing the **** thing.

    or you could use a traditionalists method of sniping it.

    also, mk5 covys work better with manifold and blister.
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    That also annoys the s#$t of people, seen someone ragequitting and breaking his keyboard. 
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