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Patch 2.12 Released

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A new version of the game is now available to download for Android (iOS to soon follow).


·      Outposts have been rebalanced

·      New Thorium Mine FOB layouts

·      Anti-infantry and Anti-vehicle mines have different images in combat

·      KIXEYE representatives and Moderators will be identified in chat

Bug Fixes

·      War Zones will no longer appear as all red (affected a small number of players)

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    To give everyone some more info, the XP bar is finally fixed. But Footlockers are now always silver (yet shiny) regardless of rarity which is an oversight, most likely, meaning you can't tell if you get a gold or a bronze one. Not sure for Briefcases.

    And them Anti-Infantry Mines look so tiny.

    Will update if I found out more.
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