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Cobra chopper attacks are buggy

Dai Combo
Dai Combo
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Sometimes when you target, and something is around that target, it will fly around even though it has height to go over it, and then it stalls the fight. Another problem is sometimes when you target something, the choppers just stall for no reason; matter of fact some choppers don't even attack because they just stall for no reason. There needs to be some looking into on Cobra chopper attacks.
  • Teratorn43906 NEW
    Teratorn43906 NEW
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    I believe it's because of how tall some of them are at max level. They cannot attack because the buildings were blocking them while Fixed-Wing Aircraft can pass through them easily. It's unrealistic.

    The devs need to increase their altitude like the Fixed-Wing Aircraft have so they can pass through buildings especially tall ones without difficulty. They are hovering too low in comparison to every ground unit and I keep on blaming my pilots' idiocy which is annoying.
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