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Additional Prizes for Alliance War

Unicorn Overlord
Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 3,665
edited 10 Feb 2017, 11:01PM

After reviewing feedback about the first Alliance War we’ve heard from many players that were disappointed with the prizes awarded. We want you to feel appropriately rewarded for your efforts, so we are sending additional prizes to Alliances in first place, the top 10, and those with 1M+ infamy.  These will be sent tomorrow, Feb 10th PDT.

Rogue Assault is a growing game and we greatly appreciate that you are growing with us.  The next Alliance War will be shorter, with a modified prize structure. Thanks for your continued support, if you have any feedback on how to make the game better please let us know.


Additional prizes for Alliance War winners have just been awarded.  They are as follows:

-       1st place: Two Containers

-       2nd – 10th place: Two Pallets

-       1M+ infamy: Mega Crate

You should see these when you load into the base view.  Thanks for your patience and participation in Alliance War.

  • craigo88
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 22

    It is encouraging to hear you listen to the feedback the player give you

  • Blazeee
    Joined Apr 2015 Posts: 7

    What if I left my alliance today after the reward and joined another alliance that also hit 1 million infamy, do I still get reward tomorrow???

  • Blazeee
    Joined Apr 2015 Posts: 7

    I hope I do cause no one knew we would get a second prize after feedback

  • redwinds
    Joined Dec 2016 Posts: 18
    can these prizes include cards that we can use, I.E- no cards for units we have maxed out or plans for what those cards can do for us?
  • Azragaul
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 14

    So for some reason I have failed to get any additional crates despite being in a top ten alliance. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • JMynes
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 1

    The typical crates, containers, and pallets are full of stuff that players at the winning level have no use for. I already had 500 Reaper crits, Reapers have been maxed out for weeks, and my first place prizes held plenty of Reaper crits that I can't use.
    Kixeye, please use a little common sense here. It took lots of effort to win this event, and we were rewarded with a pittance. Many of the players in Detonators are saying, "Never again".
    I have over 700 Reaper crits, and probably a total of 2000 crits in all that I have no use for as those units are maxed out. If it's too difficult to give prizes that are worth fighting for, then come up with a trade-up scheme for the thousands of crits we can't use. Perhaps a 10:1 ratio would be good i.e. 10 Reaper crits for 1 Thunderbolt, 10 Thunderbolt for 1 Raptor, etc.
    Cross platform trade-up would be good, too. 10 PK for 1 Abrams, for example.
    I would also recommend we be able to 'gift' crits to lower level players. Might need some kind of limit on that, 10 per day to players at least 3 levels lower or something to that effect. Gifting to higher players might be a bad idea, as an alliance might conspire to create a mega player and an ensuing arms race would begin.
    Anyway, bottom line is, make the event prizes worth the effort!

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