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    We'll reveal more details on these Heroes soon, but I can say this: these Heroes will NOT be a bottle neck for your Tech Center.

    The new heroes will NOT be a burden... they'll just be a reward.
    So are they going to be a bottleneck for our Academies instead?
    At least not more **** to the Tech Center. Academy for many players doesn't even have anything to upgrade anymore.
    I would prefer  VXP Hero units still then more normal upgrade system.
    --If the hero units are in the normal upgrade system then kixeye can't put those hero units in the gear store for expert version later

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    DarkSkinNinja said:


    Yes we dare to challenge Kixeye to do better jobs with serving justice. Where has
    the quick time or justice for players gone to? When you look through the sectors
    someone is always using a cheat engine to win. When we ask about them, talk 
    about them we get muted, we get forum infractions! Where is the justice we so
    deserve as a fair player? Put yourself into the players shoes just once in a while
    as you are dueling to make the sector better or trying to have fun. One person
    who cheats can change your tone in game and on forums.

    It is unfair to the those who are legit to allow the process to keep going on. If we
    call them out by name we get infractions, we get in game mutes, or told we can not
    talk about them. Where is the justice if they are able to get away with such acts and
    we are the ones who are punished? I can honestly name at least a dozen games which
    would take actions against those who are not fair players in game and placed in jail for
    actions done while in game play. It is considered to be a breach of contract to allow the
    players who play with CHEATS to keep playing. I have personally seen cheaters/hackers
    keep playing after hours of duel with no actions dealt. Again where is the quick time
    response to the legit and fair players?

    You want to know why players quit it is due to others who make the game not so fun.
    Give me the power to lay out the ban hammer & promise the sector where ever it may
    be would to be swift, just and fair to all. If problems keep happening why not have a
    anti game cheat installed into games to protect the legit players. At least then it will auto
    ban those who use cheat out the sectors. 

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