Alien Mobilization Monograph

David Holloway
David Holloway
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Alien Mobilization Monograph


In game name: Tigger

Base level: 43

How many fights with Aliens: 3

Observation of Alien fights: 150

Contribution by: Borg


               I have noticed that when co-op teams go into to these fights, there is more time wasted in arranging their fleet then there is in actual fighting.  I have also noticed that when you are down under 2 minutes to fight 3 Alien carriers, it’s ALMOST impossible to defeat them.  However, this not to say it cannot be done, but out of the observations, I saw 2 fleets that did it, one was done by clan VB7RP and the other by clan SCF.

               After these observations, I would recommend the following:

1.      You must have a carrier, preferably Ragnarok or better style carrier. Midgard and Valhalla will do in a pinch, but the heavier the carrier the better.

2.      I would strongly recommend using a fleet of battleships because they offer one thing that that most craft do not and that is the ability to fire on both sides of the ship.

3.       Last but very important is the fleet formation.  Now I understand everyone has their own opinion, most of the time it costs you your fleets and possibly not let you win the match because you are trying to set it up.  Use the following if you both are using carriers, and that is the Loyalty formation.  It looks like this:

a.                 X

b.              xxxxx

this allows you to put your carrier about your fleet formation and allow your ships to be already “lined” up.

4.       The other recommended formation I would recommend would be the line formation.  It works best if your partner has a carrier and you do not.  I recommend this because your ships would be in defensive position and allow your partner to slide right next to you and then slowly advance allowing his bombers or raider fighters to take out the enemy carrier safely and your line formation to protect the carrier from enemy fighters.

I would strongly advise only using energy or explosive type weapons.  Every time I see a ship going with projectile weapons, I do not see a positive result in the attacks both against enemy fighters and enemy carriers. Recommended for killing of Alien 55’s with little to no damage is Also if one fleet of rag/dread and other fleet is heavy cruiser it will kill 55s with little damage. The dreads provide good cover for the rag and cruisers

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