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ok. so everyone collects items that are early technology during the game. please can you add a shop area that you can trade fully functional old tech ships that have been built, and any cores or other box items that you don't need. or add something good that you can trade resources with other users.

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    So, you want to trade furies and other high level tech with your level 1 alt and just pwn everyone, and also completely circumvent the need to wait for build times and/or coin builds? In this game time is money, literally. That goes for resources as well. If you can just unload 100 mill onto your alt that you don't need, there would be no need to spend time on farming.

    You need a couple of fleets fast for an event; setup 10+ accounts, have each build one ship, and then transfer them to your main. When you need to repair, just return the damaged ships and repair several fleets at the same time. No need to wait. No need to coin.

    Way too many exploits.
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