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TheHolyAsdf RiPx2
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Nemesis event is coming around soon. A showdown with General Gier seems anticipated.
I propose an interesting refreshing idea in events.
Basically, players defending their base  with their own fleet and one from their ally against a large base attack fleet lead by Gier.

Upon obtaining all event prizes, exclusive of the Fenrir blueprint and boxes. Players can defend their base from General Gier's fleet himself.

Fleet size:

1x Mark V Fenrir (Gier's flagship)
2x Fenrir
10x Hellfire
6x Damocles
8x Covenant
8x Tornado
4x Basilisk

How it works:

- Gier's fleet holds position outside your base turret's range at the beginning of the fight
- Battle timer increased to 15 minutes
- They always attack from the top left so players can move their turrets and prepare
- Players win if they have a single module left after the timer is up or if Gier's fleet is destroyed
- Players must have launched at least six fleets before they can commence the battle
- If a player's fleet is destroyed, they can send another fleet mid battle to join
- Player fleets can leave the battle like they leave base attacks to summon a different fleet
- It can be a coop battle, one other allied player can join
- Players can only be attacked this way once

- 500,000 points if they survive
- Additional 250,000 points if they kill all ships except Gier's flagship
- Additional 750,000 points if they manage to kill Gier's flagship and if their bridge survives
- Players can purchase the Fenrir carrier if they have enough points
- Coop ally gets only 100,000 points for participation if they inflict damage to enemy fleet

- Players are expected to lose at least one fleet. No more than two whole fleets
- Armor and DPS on the attacking fleet depends on the base level

- The attacking fleet is massive, but it doesn't all attack at once
- It breaks its fleet into groups and sends them at the player's base in waves every three minutes:
  • 4x Basilisk + 4x Tornado ( focus attacks on ships if nearby )
  • 4x Covenant + 4x Tornado ( focus attacks on ships if nearby )
  • 2x Hellfire + 4x Covenant  ( focus attacks on ships if nearby )
  • 8x Hellfire ( focus attacks on base modules if nearby )
  • 6x Damocles + 2x Fenrir  ( focus attacks on base modules if nearby )
  • Gier's flagship does not move
- Players are expected to win
- Players hold position at the perimeter and defend against oncoming attacks
- After the first three waves, they can kill the last two waves far more easily since those focus on modules
- Players can attacking Gier's flagship at any time, but is recommended to do so after his escorts waste away at your base defences.

Why this works:
- Players get a **** tonne of points and their carrier with minimal grind. They have fun.
- Kixeye gets the repair time they so badly wanted.

Shouldn't be too difficult to implement

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    fleet combat seems more appropriate. Except they hold position but u can trigger the ships like one by one in a manner similar to like those RTS games

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  • Jorge Narvaez
    Jorge Narvaez
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    fun idea wont happen though sorry

  • PeenusWeanus
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    No because I already know how to counter it:
    Single cutter or Talon Frigate bait the enemy fleet to follow you the cutter/frigate while the base snipes the **** outta Geir.

  • Khemul
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    A bit late, Kix already did all the Nemesis stuff in the last app update (well, the one before the one that fixed the damage done by the other one).

  • FusionInferno1
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    If gier is gonna have his own flagship i personally think it should be something brand new and similar to the jumpship... like a titan hull or something

    just existing at this point

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