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So I know that thrusters are practically a must for most ships, but what kind of thrusters should Frigates get?
Since Frigates use all kinds of movements, what is the best thruster for them? Is it Fusion? Binary? Rotation? Rear? Strafe?

  • PhantomRanger
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    SOmetimes i treat some of my frigates as cutters... so i give the rear thruster 5 sanic speeds.
  • TheHolyAsdf
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    Looks like you just unlocked Talon frigates. My advice would be skip Talon frigates, skip Nighthawk frigates and go straight for Venom battleships. Feel free to make a fleet of Exodus cruisers and Broadswords.
  • V e s p o
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    If you're going to use them for close combat, Binary is best, strafe second best. In some cases fusion will work too, but strafing is

    If you're using them as decoys, rear thrusters (or fusion) are a must
  • Mark V Pathfinder
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    Unless the frigate is Hurricane or Tornado, don't bother using them.

  • PeenusWeanus
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    Unless the frigate is Hurricane or Tornado, don't bother using them.

    You still can use Mk IV Nighthawks as cargo fleet.
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