Base defense/medal system fixes

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Can we revisit this?  This would go a long way to fix our base defense.

Based off this topic (no pun intended), there is a desire to fix the medal system to prevent "base ****" - a system where a player hits the outer-most modules, while staying out of range of all the guns and barely gains 1 star.

Of course, this is hardly much of a win, and some find it to be unfair.

Please also note that, in the current system (contrary to common knowledge), bubbles are not given by stars - they are given by percentage of damage dealt. 25%, 50%, and 75%, I think.

Proposed fixes:
Variant 1 - 1 Star for destroying a bridge. 1 Star for dealing 50% damage. 1 Star for destroying everything.
Variant 2 - 1 Star for destroying a bridge. 1 Star for dealing 60% damage. 1 Star for destroying everything.
Battle Pirates System - Killing 25% of a base triggers a 2 hour bubble, killing 50% of the base gives 1 star and gives a 6 hour bubble, killing the command center gives 2 stars and a 12 hour bubble, and killing the whole thing gives 3 stars and a 24 hour bubble. If the player triggers a bubble but does NOT get any stars the attacker looses medals.
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    Medal are worthless.  Bases need upgraded defenses and salvage from destroyed attacking ships.    Mines need to be increases by 5 and made invisible to attackers. 
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