Is PVP possible without Growler, Inferno, Legion, Deena?

Maciej Mesaj Klimas
Maciej Mesaj Klimas
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I have few of Cyclones, Commandos, Ultra Tanks, Jackals, Hellhounds, Operators, Preservers, Sandstorm, Owls, Nightmares, but when it comes for attacking level 40+ bases they barely can do anything. Did the game got to the point when most of (even SF) units are useless in PVP?
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  • Aaron716
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    I have no Growler, Inferno, Legion or Deena and it is impossible to beat the timer on PvP bases. 
  • useroussama
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    you just need to know how and when use ur Units and u can do it 
  • whiteknight_99
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    not at high level it isnt, even now low levels getting good units at elitestatus and getting harder for certain players to compete, kixeye still dont understand the word
  • TheUnitedStates - WC
    TheUnitedStates - WC
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    They do the **** on purpose..   LOL
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  • Don Labyrinthus
    Don Labyrinthus
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    I dont have Inferno, Legion, Deena, Dante or so ... check my infamy (almost 1,200) I am using 4 Owls, 4 Cyclons, 4 Hails, Etitan and Sandsotrm and 1-2 missles and almost I can flat any fully defended base. PvE bases are much harder than PvP bases due to how much units they contain and the extra special powers in them.
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  • Nation-of-1
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    Impossible for you to compete against any half decent online base, But offline u can pick away with air and missiles slowly and should be fine as long as your not caught.
  • dave.clandestine.7
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    and not even possible with them lol
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