Stasis Resist for Resistor Slot?

Richard Augustine
Richard Augustine
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I understand that Cutters and frigates have stasis resist with Mk up (cutters 50% / frigates 80%). Maybe a Resistor could add a max at 15%?(lv1 5% / lv2 10% / lv3 15%). Of course you wouldn't want to make it 20% because the frigates would render stasis weapons obsolete. But they still have that small percentage of unlucky fortune. But if it were a resistor slot it can be fitted to most classes of ships that have such a slot. Which could give other classes some stasis.

  • Joshua7122000
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    Cruiser only would be a good idea, imo.  Cruisers might actually be able to get a shot off at mk5 battleships.  5% at lvl 1 would render it completely useless. Would be better to have it go lvl 1 10%/ lvl 2 20%/ lvl 3 30%.  Otherwise a really good idea, I know I'd put them on my cruisers.
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  • FusionInferno1
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    Cruiser only stasis resistor 10%-30% would be freaking useful

    just existing at this point

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