Brimstone torp feedback

Odysseus Ace
Odysseus Ace
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edited 12 Aug 2016, 12:03AM
Just finished testing the brim torp, and I am satisfied with its performance, at first I thought that it exploding midway through the range would be an issue, but now I see its legendary effect, this will make for a very good support battleship. I ant wait for them to come around so i can get the tier three or the brim torp.
  • lC4RUS
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    Lol this weapon is utterly useless as it is now and needs to be fixed. You are litrrally the only person that is happy with the brimstone atm

  • GES KimJong
    GES KimJong
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    hes trolling, anyways according to the weapon description its suppose to go to its max range ( 5000m) then explode, not go to its min range( 2000)  then explode,
  • Odysseus Ace
    Odysseus Ace
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Oct 2015 Posts: 108
    when i first tried it out it when 2500 then the it expanded t 5000, but i do agree it should be a directed explosion one way not all around. that way you can direct it into the enimy ships your trying to hit, and i never really read the discription, but i guess i am unhappy that it doesnt go to 5000 M and then explode like i inticipated. as of right now, im not large scaling brim battleships, not untill some things are fixed. and here i thought that explosives made a real comback
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