Dear Mother

Potential Threat
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Dear Mother,

I have never been so scared. Every tour I've gone through, I have seen many of my friends killed in other Cargo Fleets but in mindI keep thinking, "when is my number up?" I have lost count on how many tours I've endured. Life aboard a Dread battleship is not what I thought it would be. Most of the crew are five to ten plus year veterans. The Captain (which she refers to me as "runt") takes pride in attack rebels but was threatened to be court marshalled by Vorzer himself should she destroy another Vega ship under her command. While I've been with VEGA for only two and a half years, I can already tell that like me, a lot of the crew from my ship are just as scared and jumpy as I am. The only difference between them and me is they can hide it better. But somehow being the youngest and the most inexperience crew member here the captain is actually happy she have someone with my skill on board. I've been able to listen onto what most of the rebels channels and have picked the safest route for us. Hopefully, I'll be able to make not only you proud mother, but also dad. I'm a little less then halfway done with my contract. Its like you said, if I stay positive these years will go by...


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