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I never found any forum post that had some info for new players so I thought I would start one so people can add to it and maybe it will get sticky.
These notes are only things I would have liked to know starting out and are not for everyone, I am going to assume a lot of people will disagree with me .

1. If you think your going to spend some time on this game spend the few $$ on the introductory coin special.
 - You get some nice free ships and also the Commerce Module which produces free coins, not many but enough for some free repairs here and there.

2. When building a ship build the hull only first, don't add mods until the hull is finished.
 - If you need to cancel the hull build you don't lose as many resources, more helpful at mid/high levels when 1 ship takes half your Helium-3.
 - You may re-think your mod strategy during the build or require a different ship, cuts down on refitting.

3. When you can, build Genesis Cruisers and Rancor Battleships, build a lot of them.
 - Both ships are used for auto farming blueprints, riots and events at low/mid level mostly so having 6 of each farming fleet speeds the process up.
 - Gens are fantastic cheap repair fodder for cargo farming and FvF.

4. Try not to progress faster than you need to especially regarding Blood Amber daily missions
 - I found that at leveling from a 35->36 base the blood amber dailies get the 45 cargo fleet missions. Without a proper Venom fleet to kill these you can miss out on these missions quite a lot. This also happens lvl 40->41 base where you have to kill lvl 53 cargo fleets.

5. When hitting another players base and your finished with time to spare or just scouting you can easily leave the fight by moving all your ships outside the green circle or edge of the map.

6. Get yourself a timer app or program
- I use Snaptimer portable PC, can have multiple timers going at once to let you know when cargo fleets spawn.
- I found the in game email notification system rather buggy so this comes in handy.

7. This is more personal preference really but try to use higher level shield mods rather than higher level armor on base modules.
 - Shields recharge instantly while armor takes repair time.

8. Finally best for last, check out Manni's Vega Youtube videos.
- He has spent a lot of time testing these fleets and they work quite nicely.

If you have a tip please post it in here.
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