Vega Conflict (Steam) in Linux

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Running Vega Conflict or other Windows Games in Linux through Steam.
Linux Mint 17.3 64 bit was used for the test and was loaded with Oracle VM Virtualbox version 4.3.28. I loaded Windows XP SP3 into the virtual box, turned off all updates, the firewall and all notifications. Next step is to reboot in Safe Mode and load Virtualbox Guest Additions. It must be in safe mode and you must tick the box '3D Acceleration'. Once this is all done turn the XP Virtual box off and in the video settings of the XP click the boxes for 3D and 2D. Boot it up.
Go to Steam, join Steam if you have not already done so, load vega...that's it!
Remember though the virtual machine shares resources with the guest machine so if, for example you have 2gig of video in the guest machine you can only really expect 1 gig to be used on the virtual machine. The same with system ram etc. In reality you can run the virtual machine with as little as 128k but it will be slow, maybe ok for repairs but nothing much more.

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