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A lot of players would like more refit labs.  Perhaps there is another option.  The are several categories in the retrofit lab.  Maybe spiting them into sections allowing for one hull, one weapon, one turret and so on to be separate research options.  In other words being able to run one research for each category simultaneously.  Just a suggestion.   
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    This has been asked so many times it's laughable.
    1. Kixeye will not open new retrofit options; it doesn't make them money, selling new hulls does.
    2. Kixeye hasn't, up until Monday, allowed two identical or similar functions to occur simultaneously. Being able to upgrade and equip two structures at the same time is groundbreaking, but endless years of requests to do the same with ships (drydock for refits, shipyard for new construction) have all been rejected. It still seems very unlikely they'll allow the retrofit lab to perform two tasks at once.
    Praise be RNGesus!
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