Alliance Attack Alerts

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Just a suggestion.  Could you make alliance base attack alerts within alliance chat so we know people in our alliance are being hit.  Same feature as the drac base alert, but for alliances. 
  • Laredo
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  • Thunder8412
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    That's a good idea, but to be honest, do we really need the chance of a peek / prep taken away?

    I know some are going to say 'Yes' for the rocket spammers, and I agree in that princciple

  • kixeyeuser_1365369523405_14232_1309869729
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    I see nothing but good from this. Very often alliances are hit en masse. Having warning that a neighbor is being hit gives you a chance to react. Get ships out of dock before it is flattened, and perhaps protect neighbors not already bubbled. And all of that is good coining repairs for Kix, They should like this idea. :)

  • Khalixxa
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    This is a great idea.
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