new ship builds 2 1/2 days what about all the old out of date stuff

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most players are not rich to buy new hulls, Most players like me have tons of old out of date hulls that ones was good when new.but was a 25 day build each. Now players can build a fleet of them in a short time. I sure hope that kixeye lowers the build time on the older stuff because that is all i have I can't get the newer hulls with out help and at my level 86 i should be helping others.I have been doing refits for last few months and still don't have a good fleet to do raids with. I have Rhno, Frosty, SCX mastodon, savage kodiak, and a lot of other crap... i wish I could put a few 1000.00 down on the game. but for what i have put in game i could of put down a nice down payment on a new car....
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    They are working on it in case you didnt notice. Some old ships build in less than a day now. Doesnt seem like they plan to change more than 3 a month at this time. Also rhinos, mast and frost are far from useless.
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