New Type Base Design

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I was just wondering peoples thoughts of having Kixeye give us the option of being able to make our land tiles look like the metal drac base type. To build gates and such like they have and make everything look industrial.
  • luitenantinge
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     Why not and perhaps a statue of an unicorn that shoots lightening out of it's ****.  No seriously why not.  I am kinda curious about OP 8 . 
  • miles_t3hr4t
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    I actually like the idea of instead doing a thing on startup where you can choose between forsaken or drac, and it determines both your base tiles and available research. Imagine researching all the drac hulls up until DNX and all the drac weapons, but not having access to the forsaken hulls and weapons except from FM, Raids, and cargo fleets, and having a separate prize list. 
  • rayden
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    like kix has the intelligence to do that  when they can't fix whats broken now
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