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Give us more 1hr. research and 12 research token.
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    Oh look more token threads. 

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    Submit a ticket if you qualify.

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    And how exactly would you like them to do that? You can get them in the FM when you've done the FM long enough. You're level 82 so i'm guessing you're getting the tokens in Tier 1, 2 and probably 3? If so, you're getting 2x 1 hour tokens, 2x 12 hour tokens and 2x 24 hour tokens for research and building structures.

    Now, weekly you're getting tokens to the value of 148 coins I believe which is around $10 money value. To me, that's fairly good and i'm happy with that. How else could we get them in a week? What do we do in a week that could offer us tokens? Or are you just someone who wants more for free?
  • charles.derrick.31
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    last raid i won all the tokens available and never received them why
  • T-Dog.Who
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    The problem is the inventory only holds one 1h and 12h research tokens.
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