Tier Elite in FM

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I have a suggesting around reaching Tier Elite in FM, couldn't it be great if we when we get there the second time was able to choose for our selves what price we wanted... blueprint or tokens.
This possibility of getting the prize u want most of all would make more players stay in BP, we are all so tired of long build times and crappy stuff in Tier Elite..........................Give a little and get alot.....!!!!
  • AnEyeForAnEye
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    IF your thinking of beng able to grab token as a choice in the second go, forget it, wont happen. They want to reduce the number of token release, not increase it.

    As for FM prize being a choice instead of random; yes it be great. But kix has no intention to change to randomness of it any time soon.
  • Dark Lord Chuckles
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    I would just be happy with prizes that are actually elite.
    Yes, I'm back to playing this game. Someone shoot me.
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    Seconding Dark Lord
    less 'elite' crud
    May I suggest the devs come up with a list of future elite prizes every month, and the top 3 (or 5) voted actually get shipped into the elite tier?
    will lower probability of getting absolute crap like EM rails, Solar panels, oil slick etc etc etc getting packed into 'elite'.
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