A Wish 4 next raid

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Dear Doom,

I would like to see the option to win second phantom tiger in next raid. Would you be so kind to pass on my wish.

Kind Regards,

  • sliceNdice
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    If that were to happen it would be offered in the April hull raid. Neither prize list has been determined as of now.
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  • Phiinix
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    I... still need to build my first sub damnit lol  I have the Cuda, Spectre, NH, and even the TS, all the specials I need, but... no scourge torps >.>
  • wolfking2020
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    I agree they need to bring the scourge torps back into the prize list
  • AnEyeForAnEye
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    I highly hope old base tech will be reoffered to help low/mid tech player to strenghten there bases. Right now most of defense tech is made for elite player with no motivation to mid/low player to even bother defend thre bases.

    Reoffering execs, Wendi, Apocs or even frostbite might be a good thing to do. Even lower tech at reduce prize (Vulture, arc missile 3, etc) with some base special might help players of all lvls.
  • bananaland1
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    wist list - just a word in the ear of the dev pls ;)

    In Order :

    Impact cannon D30R
    Siege Targetting III
    Agility System IV
    Hydraulic Resistors
    Cobra Scatterguns

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