Trade old ships for points/build time

de wulf
de wulf
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I like many long time players have spent coin and a lot of time building fleets that are now very outdated. I don't wanna scrap my fleets as it took too much time to build or coin but they are worthless too me now.  my idea to make coining a fleet worth while or taking the time to build a fleet worth the effort when we know in 6 months it will be outdated is for kixeye to add a point's value to every tec, hull, armor and weapon in the game and let us trade in old ships for the points they are worth.  either we get ship build tokens based on the points ur ship is worth for trading in or u get a flat points worth to reduce a current build/re-fit.      This idea would make coining a fleet worth while and taking the long time to build a fleet worth it in the long run.  
  • AnEyeForAnEye
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    Was asked many times and as of now completly ignored.

    Maybe because kix doesnt want to give you a credit on your next purchase, you bought it and want to replace it for new, they by the new one and scrap the old, just like you do with 99.9 % of products you by day to day. It called a consumer economy, since you dont reuse old stuff you buy new stuff everytime after scrapping  the old.

  • david.muir.71
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    It'd be nice to sell them for coin uranium etc to all or either alliance lower mates

    big pmpn sector 196
  • Khalixxa
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    I agree that there needs to be some better way to salvage old stuff, ships and equipment alike. Otherwise, we have no incentive to even bother with the majority of low level things.
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