Would you be interested in these proposed changes to the Forsaken Arena?

  • Kaptain K
    Kaptain K
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    maddad said:
    Personally i say scrap it and invest the time instead to fix the game as it is,like fix all the broken features that have been brought out allready,instead of adding more to the game,to cause more problems

    I'M A +1 ON THIS!!!!!!!  Stop with all the new crap that just makes the game WORSE and covers up glitches that should have been fixed months and years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you really want new players, stop bloating the game so badly. You cry and whine about having to come up with more and powerful fleets every month, but guess what.....WE don't control that, YOU DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR, at least little **** harbin does, because his girl friend wants this new ring or wants a new house in the Hamptons!!!!!

  • Kaptain K
    Kaptain K
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    Sounds interesting. So whats the catch? 
    Nearly everytime we want something improved; Kix has to throw a coingrab into it. ( rogue crew changes, FM changes, Dredge fleet changes, R&D);
    so whats the catch?

    {With Kixeye's track record of offer with one hand and take massively with the other; I am not yet ready to believe that the changes to the Forsaken Arena are being done for the good of the game and not have some hidden coingrab attached to it. So hopefully they prove me wrong. Time will tell. }

    You aren't wrong. They've got something hidden in their a*s!!
  • DocSavageIII
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    I never-ever really cared for the FAT and I dont really like this new idea either. Free is always nice, but I really dont see the long-term value to the player.  Peeps rarely do fvf anymore for one reason.. phantom subs. Now that they have better range and speed than practically any missile fleet once again, its suicide. I would rather you find a way to make fvf a part of the regular game again. Free repair would be a big step in that!
  • James Leon
    James Leon
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    vxp is the only thing that regular players use it for now
    I like  playing fvf but do not in anything other then arena.  I would rather pay u then  have to repair the ships so this looks great to me.  I hate the repair times not that the majority of ships is 18+ hours and  have stopped hitting people on the world map.  And for those that think this is because I am  not a strong player, I do have all of the big ships and subs and  can win a very good portion of battles, just don't like taking away play time from others or giving the kix  more money since all spending does seemingly is create bigger ships to make longer repairs..  I am a very pro kixeye and battle pirates person but I also miss the days of sea wolfs and stingray battles and hours of  having fun with  little  down time.  And in my opinion this looks like it could be a good gift from Kixeye.

    ahava veshalom
  • CmdrCD
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    Please also remove rockets and crews - or provide them in unlimited supply for participating players. Then it could be considered a pure skill contest.
  • Sputnik001
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    Remove this feature of the game, it is dead and useless
  • Lady-naima
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    never play that  Forsaken Arena
  • DocSavageIII
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    It just appears to me that Kix comes up with a plan/feature, implements it without much testing and then continually tries to cram it down our throats by revisions after revisions until they finally say "it's performing as designed". If it don't work, drop it and come up with something else. It's ok to fail, but to not admit to it and patch it over and over while you mislead us (lie) or say we misunderstood/took your comments out of context... LMAO is just hammering another nail in your coffin.  
  • Charles McClellan
    Charles McClellan
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    did anyone else notice it didnt say free to watch Kixeye will find a way to make it painfull to the players
  • fozze the pirate
    fozze the pirate
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    will probably be fun to start with until the fact that there is no real value to it, and then becomes boring

    please just listen to the players views on the real issues and fix them first, that would be the best forward thinking plan you could come up with, and we the players will even pretend you thought of it yourselves
  • carl.wear.3
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    did anyone else notice it didnt say free to watch Kixeye will find a way to make it painfull to the players
    Shhhhh. Don't give them idea's.
  • bo.lewis.7169
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    i voted no because knowing you (kixeye) there has to be a hidden cost someplace or the trick will be the 1st one is free and then you raise the costs after that.    
  • CmdrCD
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    Here are some reward ideas to make the FA more meaningful and attractive: There should be gold rewards at the end of each month for the top players - I was thinking of 1000 coin for the top ranked player per world and 500 for everyone else in the top 10. Being steadily one of the top players would then generate a gold income for those players and create good competition imo. I am sure there are more nice rewards that could be implemented too - like a bunch of legendary crews.
  • VvVvVvVvV
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    I'd like to see it implemented in tiers, so that fleets of similar size/power were matched against each other. This clearly isn't the intent, as the OP said "would you like to watch the top players battle each other"

    So, as always, follow the money -- to get bragging rights and wear the Big Dawg crown, you'll need the latest and greatest (and most expensive) fleet to stand any kind of chance at all, if it's unlimited. 

    By making it a game where only the top players have a chance, they're marketing to their top customers -- those with the biggest fleets are probably already whale coiners and you can be sure they'll keep spending to make sure they come out on top. 

    I could be wrong, but without some sort of mechanism so that fleets are evenly matched, it's pointless for any of the regular or lower pirates. 

  • Lord_Chemo
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    I like it.  Here are some comments after reading some of the above:

    * Great idea about no cost (either coin or Uranium)
    * Recommend (if possible) a toy box consisting of hulls earned and available to the player but ALL other blueprints (specials, armor, weapons, etc).
          o The thought behind that is to 'test drive' your hulls before you invest time and coin in the final design
          o This I would believe encourage some people to coin a 'test driven' fleet that they like versus playing the lottery if it works or not and just sitting          on a fleet being constructed rather than coin it  (and therefore increase revenue for Kixeye)
    *  Using a toy box that includes Tier 4 items not yet earned by the player might also encourage coining to get to Tier 4 once they get a taste of the         power of the item (again, more revenue for Kixeye)
    * One other concept (if the code would permit) is to give the option of selecting current targets in the PvE.  This would be perhaps limited to lower          level players so that they could practice driving skills that mean something in the 'real' game.   
            o The though behind this is that if a player has a limited budget for the money they spend in the game they could perhaps learn to drive better              and cut the damage down to a level they are willing to coin (versus a large amount each time as they get their rear end handed to them while              they learn to drive)  Maybe charge a NOMINAL Uranium fee for this since I could easily see how skills developed in this PvE arena could                        decrease coining for some players. (again, I want Kixeye to succeed)
    * The addition of some PvE targets would give Kixeye the chance to test future items and how players would fair against them without destroying 'real'    fleets.  I am no programer but i'd say that thousands of people trying to get the best of an AI opponent would be a better test then a small fire team      of QC dudes and dudetts  locked in a cubical.

    I want Kixeye to succeed and grow as a company; I think that a healthy player base of tens of thousands of people the maybe spend $100 year is better than trying to relay on whales that you have gotten hooked by the latest and greatest 'thing'.  I keep rooting for you...but I also like the Cubs too.  
  • kixeyeuser_1411080756791_797090267
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    While I don't personally engage in this, it's probably a good way for players to hone their FvF skills :)
    Just the crappiest pirate ever
  • Rubicon_this
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    Would be nice...but would be nice to raise the level of viewers so more could watch..say maybe 20...also i think it would be good also to raise the viewers for regular base hits as well...
  • Metal_Beard_DaBa
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    Order the launch, blow the **** out the insubordinates
    Blow the court at the plan can't change the coordinates
    On course threatened by force, passed the limit
    Mutilate the meak, terrorize the timid
    Murder in a minute then its mission accomplished
    Corner the confused then stomp with my accomplice
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    How about dropping the repair and build times by half. I would vote yes for that. Who gives a **** about a fvf tourney that doesn't help you become a better player. How about adding tokens in the raid again. That would help.

  • Aran Green
    Aran Green
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    luv it - can we get more viewers than just 10, the top fvf peeps would draw hundreds watchin !1!! awesome idea kix !1

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    luv it - can we get more viewers than just 10, the top fvf peeps would draw hundreds watchin !1!! awesome idea kix !1

    Hundreds????? Really to watch a sub battle, do you work for KIX?
  • Barry Bowers
    Barry Bowers
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    I think these changes would be very welcome. Players could have a fleet they like to use in pvp situations  and can keep it repaired for play in the arena.     Having a part of the game where I do not need to repair my fleet will provide some form of entertainment while waiting for fleet repairs.  I would hope you will pay attention to player participation data  and use it to help justify big drops in repair times as they are.  Biggest problem for the average player in this game is the inability to play with the fleets we win and build without further cost for repair.   Its like being punished for playing. If fleet repair time was capped at 15 minutes or 5 coins for older hulls  and 30 minutes or 10 coins for newer hulls I believe you would see a quick return to coining from those who have stopped  and a sharp increase in participation in the game.  You may take a hit on coin from repair  but you will see that it will increase coin purchased to speed up builds and refits.  New players starting out would stay because 15 minutes to wait for repair  compared to 8 hours to repair will keep more interest.  Seems I have gone of topic  , would love to see the purposed changes to the arena made  , once people understand its the arena and NOT the FAT  they will love it too  :)

  • DB-605b
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    I would wholeheartedly enjoy an arena where I could gauge MY IDEA'S performance, without worry about the expense to repair if it sucks, LOL

    Don't limit me to the technologies and hulls you want to test, leave that to the FAT.

    Let me play in the sandbox for free, so I can figure out which builds best suit my play style.

    But please don't limit me to technologies I already own. That way I'll know what prizes I really want to win badly enough.

    "Adapt and grow and live, or stagnate and die."

  • Kalidor55
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    luv it - can we get more viewers than just 10, the top fvf peeps would draw hundreds watchin !1!! awesome idea kix !1

    Yep100 peoples watching a blue water  screen with subs that will surface every 2 minutes.  Not even sure there is 100 active players in one world at the same time anymore that would be interested in watching this.
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