Would you be interested in these proposed changes to the Forsaken Arena?

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The Concept:

We are thinking about making Forsaken Arena (not the FATabsolutely free and giving players an easy way to find and enjoy watching highly skilled players in FvF matches.

Key Points:
- Forsaken Arena will be free-to-play. No uranium required and repairs will be not be necessary.
- Through a new filter in the Locator, you will be able to find and view live FvF matches between the highest-level players.
- There will be slots up to 10 viewers allowed per battle to make viewing easier and more engaging.
- With the Arena being absolutely free of any costs and repairs, there will be no VXP rewarded for these battles.

How do you rate this concept? Vote below! Please feel free to leave your thoughts on your vote in the comments.
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Would you be interested in these proposed changes to the Forsaken Arena? 1439 votes

I like it!
64% 926 votes
I'm neutral about this
18% 267 votes
No, thanks.
17% 246 votes
  • hitman
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    Couple of questions - would skins, crews etc still be available as prizes and would it be a toy box format or bring your own fleet?

    Forget this - you're not talking about the tournament.

    I still like the changes to regular Arena though
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  • Total_Rekage
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    vxp is the only thing that regular players use it for now
  • FireStorm91
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    The concept is interesting personally. With no repair and uranium cost, it will allow more or less free play for those either testing their fleets, or those who just want to have fun, either by watching, or battling. 

    Battles can be over pretty quickly, I would consider adding a timer before the battle, say 3 minutes, and bumping the players who can view the battle, up to say 50.

    One of the things that brought in a lot of players back in the day was PvP with ships. That has declined a LOT with the repair times going up. This would literally be just for fun. Something that Kixeye hasnt done for awhile. As long as there is no cost this could be a hit.
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  • virego
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    Love it, with no cost involved (time, coin, or uranium) It'd be an amazing time killer, and a great way to test a variety of fleets against a plethora of ship builds pretty quickly. A few questions though, would this affect all of the arena, or would it just be the FAT, all but the FAT perhaps? Second would this be a toy box format or the original one?
  • Plix
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    Joined Apr 2012 Posts: 60

    Love this idea

  • maddad
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    Joined Apr 2012 Posts: 617
    Personally i say scrap it and invest the time instead to fix the game as it is,like fix all the broken features that have been brought out allready,instead of adding more to the game,to cause more problems
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  • sliceNdice
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    Joined Mar 2015 Posts: 5,428
    Good idea.
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  • Archive M6
    Archive M6
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    I like the idea, but I'd like to see how it plays out first.

    I like the idea that the sellingpoint is that it is free too, but you know how it is Doom. Things don't normally play out as good as they sound.
  • Charlie Pugwash
    Charlie Pugwash
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    Joined Feb 2013 Posts: 2,576
    Interesting. What would happen to the first win of the day crew? Gone, presumably? I'd recommend keeping them- you already get one free crew per day if you're below the limit, and incentive is good. Making arena rank visible in people's profile would also be a good incentive to participate.

    If you're trying to make arena more playable, it's really the queuing that needs a revamp, though- if I could sit in the queue and know I had more than 20 seconds to finish my current battle, i'd spend a lot more play time in the queue- right now, odds are the battle will be over by the time I get to it, so in turn, I don't queue much, because I basically have to sit in my base waiting for a match. Maybe up the start wait time to 1-2 minutes?
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  • Scalesy1
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    rather you concentrate on reducing repair and build times 
  • Jontork
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    Joined Jul 2012 Posts: 392
    As I recall, the FAT is whats started the revolt.  Sure people always complain about build and repair times, but the FAT created a lot of new tech that was only available in the FAT.  That pissed people off.  I think skins as prizes is fine and even some gold, but if it creates new tech, skip it.
  • john.chism.3
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    Joined Feb 2013 Posts: 157
    I like the idea...hope y'all make this one happen.
  • Grumpy Pirate
    Grumpy Pirate
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    Joined Nov 2012 Posts: 3,339

    There's nothing wrong with the changes per se but there's other areas that require wayyyy more attention a hell of a lot sooner than the regular arena (especially if any incentives to play said arena are going with these changes)

    Focus on the stuff that you (Kixeye) said you were going to address (build times, repair times, trust, quality control and communication) and leave the fluff until after you've addressed the major issues that are making players laeve the game.
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    How about a Tournament for all players with no possible advantage to anyone no rockets just fleet building and fleet driving skills. Each player has a few daily matches.Winner of each bracket gets a prize and moves on to finals. Winner at the end of it gets a Limited Hull & top so many players get good amount of Ship build Tokens. Do it monthly for fun as people want to have fun in the game. People are leaving this game like crazy now.
  • ConnieC28
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    Joined Mar 2014 Posts: 57
    I like the idea with the exception of the VXP, how about minimize the cost of playing or say if you buy the uranium protection then you get the VXP win or lose. If you don't buy it then you get your choice between free repair and VXP...... Just my thoughts on it
  • Harry Hole
    Harry Hole
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    Joined Jul 2015 Posts: 48
    This ain't a bad idea, but my tumb go down because the top most importance now, is to address ship build/refit and repair times, that's the job that should have been done in the 3 months period we had . 

    You can reduce Dock repair time to 1 hour, that will reduce one of the main pain point via a simple solution for all. Simplicity, means we get less bugs, by adding complexity, we get tons of problems.

  • Landshark_ICK
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    Joined Feb 2013 Posts: 95
    ConnieC28 said:
    I like the idea with the exception of the VXP, how about minimize the cost of playing or say if you buy the uranium protection then you get the VXP win or lose. If you don't buy it then you get your choice between free repair and VXP...... Just my thoughts on it
    Long as the uranium cost is reasonable - I am in... for the VXP
  • gtlyons
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    Joined Jan 2012 Posts: 375
    The only reason I'm neutral is that I am not a fan of adding more items to the already clunky locator. I like the overall concept of these changes however.
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  • KP_Wrath
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    Joined Jan 2012 Posts: 406
    I'm neutral, but if VXP weekends were to become a guaranteed event, that would bump to "I like it."  Forsaken arena is used for ranking right now.  This would actually give all players something interesting to do while other fleets heal.  
  • Don Willis
    Don Willis
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    I would like it if I could use my own fleets. It would give me a chance to practice with ship combinations and different tactics without taking a repair bill.
  • SandmanX
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    If there's no rockets, it could be fun.
    Rockets (from base) just sucks the fun out of it.
  • SoggyMango
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    Lost all interest in FAT or whatever its called ages ago when it went to wallet first, battle later, re-open wallet. So the answer is still no thanks no matter how free its made.
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  • Shiba
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    IS this still sandbox?  OR is this our own fleets.. 

    Load up the sandbox with every ship, and every special/gun/armor currently out.. AND WOW  you guys just created the test environment for fleets that everyone have been asking for..   Let us test our ships before we build em.   Only thing that would be better is if we could somehow have bases to hit and test on.   

    IF this is our own fleets.   meh  wouldn't much care for it cept as a time killer.  

    BUT most important of everything..  I want build times and repairs seriously addressed before you start on other bull crap like this. 

  • cool.dave.9
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    Joined May 2014 Posts: 59

    sweet as, gonna lov using my oldschool fleets 4 a laugh.
    pvp with no repair, what more can u ask 4. stop **** about repair times on every discus pls

  • Insector.Gadget
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    Joined Dec 2014 Posts: 491
    i stopped playing the FAT when u took Uranium repair insurance away....with the proposed format i would take part in this feature again

  • carl.wear.3
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    Joined May 2013 Posts: 6,696
    Sounds interesting. So whats the catch? 
    Nearly everytime we want something improved; Kix has to throw a coingrab into it. ( rogue crew changes, FM changes, Dredge fleet changes, R&D);
    so whats the catch?

    {With Kixeye's track record of offer with one hand and take massively with the other; I am not yet ready to believe that the changes to the Forsaken Arena are being done for the good of the game and not have some hidden coingrab attached to it. So hopefully they prove me wrong. Time will tell. }
  • AnEyeForAnEye
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    Joined Feb 2014 Posts: 7,191

    Tho i understand the desire for kix to revamp an almost abandon content in the game (let's be honest very few do arena anymore), the center problem would not be solved with those changes, hnce why i voted neutral on this.

    The main problem with the Arena (just like the FAT in  the end) is that its imbalanced and offer little to no enticement to participate, other then practice/test with your flt for free. It a nice option and doin somethin for free aint bad, but without any rewards(even little ones), there will be no point in it and very few will participate in it.

    Viewing others battle is nice if your waiting o nreapirs or are bored not knowing what to do in between downtimes.

    But i highly recommend some rewards (nothin fancy) be added to it. 

    Here is an example:

    1-Uranium payout( doesnt have to be a huge amount= 500U for example) for winning x number of fight

    2-Daily Crews

    3-Regular VXP to your flts like any other fights

    4-Older (non available random blueprint) for winning x number of fights - Many blue print that many may wan in there collection who have been mottballed could be put there. (Vulture turret as an example)

    Without a minimal payout for your time spent, most will skip it since they ll know they only be facing top end flt in it.

  • xx Roo xx
    xx Roo xx
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    Joined Nov 2014 Posts: 248
    If I am reading that there is no VXP then I would assume it is still our fleets.  Please keep the free daily crew. 
  • david.pawlak.777
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    Joined Feb 2013 Posts: 148
    i thought the game was about this why have a sepperate area put it back in the game were it first came from 

  • lomolife1174
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    I like it! This is definitely an improvement from our current design. However, I feel that the Forsaken Arena was originally designed so that all players would be able to experience FvF combat. I feel this could be improved on if the design from the December Forsaken Arena Tournament was implemented, to where everyone could design a Fleet of their own so everyone would be evenly matched.
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