Sector Threat Changes

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Hello, Captains!

We've been taking a very hard look at Sector Threat lately. We feel like the system is seeing the kind of participation we’d like to see and feel there is still a lot of potential. But, we are aware of your sentiments on the feature and have been working to address these concerns. So far, we’ve made some additions, some adjustments, and are continuing to iterate on this feature. 

To address issues many of your complaints, we will be increasing the spawning of armada targets across all levels. This means there will be more targets to engage, which means more opportunity to earn Uranium and to move the bar from one state to the other. 

In addition we will be adjusting the decay rates to be less punishing that they currently are. Again, this is to help improve your ability to engage in the system and move the bar from threat level to threat level, making the availability of targets and states more fluid.

More changes are on their way! I look forward to reporting these things as they come. 

Stay frosty, Captains.

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