free lbj

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Free Lord Bear Jew!!  Free Lord Bear Jew!!!
  • Toruk
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    Free Lord Bear Jew!!  Free Lord Bear Jew!!!
    i wondered what a free L **** was. 
  • Tom2433
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    please keep Lord Bear Jew in jail he touched snowmans no no area
  • Altonator
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    no he must remain jailed he holds orange bars  
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    LOLZZZZZZZ U GUYS R AWESOME!!!!! ITs stuff like this y i still pretty much play this game it has almost nothing to do with how well kixeye does stuff cause every time they do they mess up any credit they have with me.  Again thanks for the laigh guys AND MODS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE LET ME OUTTA JAIL REPLY TO MY TICKET PLEASE! 
  • carl.wear.3
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    Free Lord Bear Jew!!  Free Lord Bear Jew!!!
    Oh you not talking about free booze.
    There is a real old song called Little Brown Jug, so Free LBJ sounds like you handing out free booze.   :)
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