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    lol i cant even do weekly now there a very few strongholds in my sector under  75 and 85 .... im not chasing all over sectors i fight in for them its ridiculous
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    Digger_D7 said:
    God I love ignorant people.

    We aren't whining. We aren't making obnoxious demands. We are stating our opinion of a certain feature in a COHERENT MANNER. Something you fail to do. (Example: "effecting")

    We don't need uranium. That's not our problem. I've dumped lots of uranium into the ocean in fact. Our issue is that, despite our best attempts, even with many big hitters, we can't open the Orange level. There is an issue when even the big players can't do something.

    You're likely fine with Sector Threat because it's incredibly easy to open to Yellow. Have you tried Orange? No wait never mind, you probably don't have the fleets for it based on all the things you find difficult.

    I hate agreeing with any complaints here on the forums because then, the "players" who are consistent whiners and do nothing but complain suddenly jump on my one single comment and say stupid **** like "you've seen the light" or they misinterpret what I've said as something they've seen and are complaining about. 
     I actually got subs if I want to waste time on opening cargo's to up the sector threat, but I only see it as a chore so I don't bother with it.

    Hitting cargo fllets will only progress the bar through the fisrt level after that you need to hit the 60 and 75 uraniums to get it to the next kevel. Once that level  has been reached you then move on to the new base targets. To continue using subs to hit cargos will help not one bit

    If the spawn rate of the uranium targets is too low there will not be sufficient to move the bar up and with the way the bar is set things soon return to the lower level and that means returning to hit cargo fkeets to get the uranium targets to spawn. 

    So the decline rate and lack of targets is the issue - both controlled by Kix and something they could resolve if they wanted to.
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    lol i cant even do weekly now there a very few strongholds in my sector under  75 and 85 .... im not chasing all over sectors i fight in for them its ridiculous
    The spawning stronghold-lvl´s are depending on the lvl´s from the active piratebases in your sector...less active mid-lvl player = less respawning mid-lvl strongholds.

    Its the same for the low lvl´s.

    The only way to do something is: send a gunboat to peeking inactive bases (take a look and retreat) will start the respawn from strongholds at this bases.

    But you have to do a lot of!
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  • wolf davidson
    wolf davidson
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    lol i cant even do weekly now there a very few strongholds in my sector under  75 and 85 .... im not chasing all over sectors i fight in for them its ridiculous
    The spawning stronghold-lvl´s are depending on the lvl´s from the active piratebases in your sector...less active mid-lvl player = less respawning mid-lvl strongholds.

    Its the same for the low lvl´s.

    The only way to do something is: send a gunboat to peeking inactive bases (take a look and retreat) will start the respawn from strongholds at this bases.

    But you have to do a lot of!

    smh i dont have that much time ....and now the ones that have stayed suffer even more because kix chased all the low and mid lvl players off...,, but cant help with the spawn?  wake up kix!
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    Kixeye who the hell came up with the bright idea that a sub fleet should be able to kill a whole base ? that **** should be fired, And Kixeye you wonder why so many people are quitting this game,  This game has become one of the worst of all the FB games. 
  • wolf davidson
    wolf davidson
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    hmmmm has anyone from kixeye chimed in yet?
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    thank you I like the changes
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    The only thing i can think of is they must want us to have to hit the 75's to move the bar to orange which no one does because they out range everyhing.  And are simply not worth the dam you take to get a little extra uranium.  I have been thinking of making an super tough bal resistance point for my rhinos.

    My problem is.  I am not a whale.  So i hate it when i build stuff then kixeye changes it the next day.  Which happens all the time and is very frustrating.  So am waiting to see if this armada crap and problem is going to stay.
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    the biggest problem with this game is too many **** raids....cant keep up and im not coining at kixeyes pace no more....would have to be a millionaire lol
  • Paul_Aoc
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    I could do most raids and get everything i want and need for about $20 a month.  Couldnt build the ships.  But hell i dont coin hulls most of the time.  ANd never coin rank.

    I spend a lot more.  But it goes to helping my alliance mates.
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    I will say thanks for adding tier 4 prizes to tier 3 for the smaller players, but will also state a problem, Armoda's need to increase both sector threat needs to be easier to move to yellow & more 60's need to be spawned in sectors at one time !!  with the new research costing U, We need more U now not later.  get it done Kixeye, the players need to be able to progress !
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    T00T said:
    All in all I'm positive to the direction laid out in the missive, good work on homing in on the most pressing issues at hand. Thumbs up!

    That said, I'd like to quickly point out two things that need more attention:

    - Sector Threat
    Unless you acknowledge/address the current problem with armada spawn/decay rate and address it, threat level orange will be a major fail

    - Repair times
    Here we need action, now, not more words about looking into it. This is the one thing killing the game the most.

    So, one month has passed, and threat level orange has been introduced. How is it working out?
    Most sectors I see have a hard time getting the yellow to climb above 10% yellow due to lack of armadas to hit.
    I have yet to see a sector in orange...
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    i believe that why we cant to orange is the fact that theres no one left to keep all sectors lvl active your lucky to find at least 10 hole sectors in each gamma alfa betta and so on so this is a realy hard fact to swallow kixeye your losing players month by month if you dont ACT NOW your game Will die and i dont want to see it gone love it dont play anything else played from black waters even went throu all the dam SOS crap load stop looking at the bottemline or staff that u have left are going to the unemployed  line very quik in the coming year hope u get your whatever out and look at whats being said about your game 
  • james.duane3
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    this is not working as it was intended  when you get into the yellow  you hit the armadas the  bar instantly goes back to teal .   only continuing to hit and clean salvages makes the bar grow into the  yellow phase as long as you  dont hit the armadas the bar continues to rise  is this backwards from what was intended if it is fix it other wise if you want yellow do not hit the armadas  continue to farm the salvages to red 

  • robert.ouellette.56
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    " we will reduce the " chores "

    Starting at Outpost 6, players will have the opportunity to complete new in-game objectives provided by Harlock, Brennus, and Zoey. These new objectives unlock research options that provide permanent global bonuses. Here’s an example:

    Critical Technology: Draconian Shipyard

    “The Dracs seem to have an endless supply of new ships. Raid their bases and destroy their shipyards. Bring back enough salvage and steal their tech.” - Brennus

    • Salvage Draconian Shipyard Shards: 0/10

    • Research Time: 24 hours

    • Effect: Shipyard Build Times Reduced by 2%

      Bullshit...bullshit...cough  cough  ...bullshit

      In our ongoing effort to improve transparency and improve the game itself, we plan on presenting quarterly state of the game posts to open up a discussion about the direction of Battle Pirates. This is the first of these missives and we have a lot to talk about. We’re excited to share with you our plans for next year and discuss what you’ll be seeing in the future, starting right now, in December.

      We are most excited about the future of Battle Pirates, and the features coming in 2016. In preparation, and in response to the community, it is essential the game is in a healthy state. This is true now, more than ever. The team is embarking on this essential mission right now.

      Here’s what we want to focus on, moving into the new year.

      Bullshit....bullshit...cough  cough ...bullshit

      Because of the increased fleet size, increases to costs per component, as well as an increase in the number of slots on ships, build and refit costs have become inflated. Since no one singular feature will fix this problem in the short-term, we’ve come up with a solution that we believe will reduce costs and see to it that they never get wildly out-of-control again. Here are the changes:

      Bullshit...more  bullshit...cough  cough ...gag  gag...really  how f'n  dumb do you think we are...?

  • TriGuy
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    This may be seen as a rant, but it's also an assessment of how absolutely bad your product, process and customer service is.  

    As one of many players, I reported that there was a log-in problem and naturally CS suggested it was my computer, so I had to submit test after test.  This after them ignoring the details of my ticket which made it clear my computer was not the issue.  So after 29 days, they moved me at the end of the raid without properly recalling my fleet, so now it says I have a guard, when I do not.  In fact, I cannot guard at all.  So after 29 days of rarely being able to log in, I missed countless hours of repair, research, building, and retrofitting.  It made the raid and FMs incredibly difficult and many more times expensive as I couldn't go back in base without getting stuck on the log-in screen and then not being able to log in again for some time ... up to 14 hours at most.  So once on the map, I had to stay on the map and forego insta repair, 5m free per ship, had to coin flags that I had to promptly kill (rather than zombie it and repair the rest).  I asked them for compensation for the lost "time" it cost me and they tell me I cannot.  Interesting they cannot compensate me for their faulty product when they can literally add coin to any base at any time based on their decision on the merit of the ticket.  Now I'm supposed to move again to fix the guard problem because they don't know how to fix it.

    Then we have this whole mess with the new reduced repair.  20% off they say.  Sounds good and in actuality, it is 20% off.  What they didn't tell you is that they made the average damage 375% of what it was for a net of triple the actual repair time.  That's what we care about.  It's much like we care about our net pay.  What are they doing about that?  Good question, but none of us has the answer.  Might be a good idea to keep people posted on the fix to tripling repair, but instead we're talking about it ... for weeks.  Will they compensate us for that?  Not at all.  Why be responsible for your product when you can just do whatever the hell you please?

    This week they rolled out a fix for the Drac Coax.  The fix was changing the wording to match the broken product's performance.  False advertising, intentional or not is still false advertising.  We're supposed to be happy though, because it's better than the other coax.

    Cheating.  WOW!  Most shocking is that they have Kixeye employees in alliances in which they literally help players cheat or get them out of bans for cheating.  Talk about poor ethics and conflict of interest.  Crazy.  Although having insiders play that way, the stuff players see and report is ignored for some crazy reason and it seems to me sends a message that cheating is OK.  I know several players that cheat or have cheated.  One admitted it and was a ****, so I gathered screen shots of the many ways players can verify a player is cheating (not going to list them all as some are concrete and some are just extremely likely to probable).  Despite the many pieces of information on this and other players, they rarely get banned.  When they do, they're often given bases back with nothing taken away.  I have a friend who was recently banned for a hack he was using.  He said he did it because despite all the money he spent, the game devalued everything so fast his purchase was more like a rental.  He was done and was going out having free fun.  What happened with him?  Without sending in a ticket, he got his base back within a day.  Multiple fleets hacked and ranked to max and plenty of research and retrofitting done too and none of it was taken back.  He cheated and didn't complain and they let him right back in!  You know what that is?  That's Kixeye using a cheater to steal money from an honest player by way of costly repairs of base, inside and outside guards as well as baser fleets.  What am I supposed to say to that?  Thanks for using a cheater to steal my money?

    Customer service is also a huge problem  They don't read tickets, are slow to respond and often give some really bad cookie cutter answers to very specific questions, some of which are not even related to the ticket.  This game has some serious issues and the people who are supposed to make it better are actually making it worse.  

    Kixeye had 3 months to make things better and it's just more of the same, with part of it little more than spraying perfume on a **** or putting lipstick on a pig.  No wonder why people get so mad and resort to playing dishonestly when being a good customer ... a really good customer will get you nothing.  It seems like they're more willing to let cheaters play than they are interested in keeping honest players or keeping honest players honest.

    Thanks for abusing this good customer Kixeye!  Oh, and by the way, it wasn't my computer!  It only took 29 days of telling you that to get a cryptic admission that came with a refusal to make amends.   
  • TriGuy
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    They will cheat, steal and lie.  No longer have faith they will do any different.

  • Carlo DeNauw
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    Transparency?? Hrmmm... Is there not an alleged thread about an alleged Drac Turret that has had some shenanigans happen with regard to its performance discussed therein? Surely not...
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    -Unknown Game Developer... or is it?
  • Ron Elsten
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    Yeah I am done with coining, and I guess I will slowly fade away from the game like so many of my friends have done. We are being over run by chores and content. I can't even keep up with what to add to my fleets anymore. Quite sad to be honest. Once a great game has just been run into the ground by greed.
  • TriGuy
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    But if you wait through about 5 months of research and a few million in Uranium for research that makes people hit you more and slow that research, you will have reduced repair and build times to help compensate for increases that will be "accidental" sometime in the future.
  • uuuuuugghhhhh
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    since the 3 months is almost up that was asked for to make changes and not much was accomplished and since i dont coin enough to keep up with kix's demand for money i think its time for me to dwindle my play time here and focus more on the other navel game i have more fun in that doesn't take months to build or hours to repair
  • Duckyyy
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    You know what I find funny, i've gone through the last 3-4 pages and I see no reply, no post, nothing, from Rooster. 

    Now, don't get me wrong he's not to blame as we all know CM are fed **** from Kixeye, so the CM tell us, Kixeye mess up and we have a pop at the CM to reduce reflection on Kixeye as a company, but when you have players asking questions about the State Of The Game, it would be lovely to see, even if just now and again, the CM pop up and answer some of those.

    I guess it sums up a major flaw to this company nowadays...communication. The communication between the players and Kixeye is now shocking. People give amazing ideas that will add fun and excitement to the game while Kixeye still makes money, yet we get bullshit things like the objectives which are designed poorly, aimed at higher level players, have the players feel they need to play more and yep, you guessed it, no one actually asked for the objectives in any way, shape or form!

    Come on Kixeye, listen to those who play the game. Yes some ideas are insane and can't be done, but there is so much you could give us that would benefit both the players and the company. We want to see BP succeed, but at this moment in time, more people would rather see BP crash and burn because they're see no changes that are positive. 

    Sack the morons who make the crazy ideas, you will save a bit of money that way, and then use your player base for the ideas and then communicate back to us and you will get a reply from those who matter. The players!
  • SandmanX
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    I thought that I had seen the worst KIX could possibly produce - until I saw what the requirements for the "oh so nice and easy research" goals are.

    At level 4, you need to kill a draconian level 120 base. 

    Thanks for proving that you've spent your 3 months (in witch to bring at least SOME player confidence back) with carefully planning how you can screw your last remaining players over.

    On the other hand, you have done absolutly the opposite as you said you would - chores are at a higher level than ever (releasing 4 items in elite tier pr. month is madness!), you have to hit drac fleets 24/7 to keep urainum from beeing a resourse, and this new R&D objectives have requirements that are utterly insane. 

    Kix still do as usual, steal, lie, cheat (drac co-axial turret was a blatant robbery) and quite frankly, I havent ever seen any game company ever treat their players like garbage like KIX - or did I?  Oh yea, Zynga.

    No wonder...
  • Admiral_BloodHound
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    Lets face it, they are shafting us at every opportunity, adding 4 elite tier prizes means it takes two week to them, one week of tokens thenthe 4th week another raid after which they will add another 4 prizes, so you'll only get one weeks worth of fm tokens, they say chores are optional they are only optional if you dont want to ATLEAST try to keep up not i say try!.
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