Official Revenge Raid II Discussion (Merged Thread)

  • monsenior
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    lol...easy raid.  Can do a whole set of A's for no damage.  Using older tech too.  Nighthawks, frosty, & proto all ya need.  Nothing fancy.  Sure, a little time to use some skills and drive the subs, but can do the whole set for zero damage in a reasonable amount of time.
  • princess941
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    I've said for a long time that, like old times, if someone is willing to grind out 6-7 hours a day, doing the raid for free and winning a good ship then so be it. If someone sits for countless numbers of hours doing the raid they deserve to be rewarded. Sadly, some coiners complained and this is what we are left with.

    Kixeye need to go back to rewarding people for their time and effort, not just the ability to throw coin at the game. After all, it is a 'free to play' game!
    Well said Duck your spot on. 
  • Asgard19
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    I agree with you 100%. I stopped doing the raid after losing all my fleets in the first 5 minutes. And I have the right fleets.
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  • Blackwater5x
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    Ok, I have to add a 2nd post...I remember a raid 2 years ago for hulls/  It took millions to buy them, but millions was attainable. Sure you had to work. Sure you coined a little.  But you got them!  These are just plain outta reach!  Oh, I was a lower level player then.
  • kelly.boyle.1291
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    No, KD, it's impossible even if you HAVE the best fleets. You *still* have to spend tons of money. THAT is truly sickening. There should be a point at which you can ENJOY the benefits of what you paid for in a long-term manner, not just "hey, I'm repaired so I can spend money on repairs again in another five minutes". (not sarcasm or exaggeration)

    That is simply not true. I dont have the best fleets and i do ok. First pass on the a sets took an hour and cost me nothing. My builds are not the most normal but they work for this stuff. Many players rely on tanking targets and killing then faster than the target kills you. I work on damage avoidence. Sub out what you can sub out then try and kite the rest. Still works this raid. Are the targets the same? No they are not. run and kite is not enough this raid the hc will run you down. The hc dosnt turn well however and since it is so fast it runs away from the thermal ships allowing you to kill it with subs. After that you can go in and tank or kite. For all of you out there having trouble with kix targets for the last 6 months hes my advice. Build every hull to go as fast as you reasonably can. Speed is everything in damage avoidence. This wont help you today but it will in the long run. Subs are yur freinds the faster the better. Kixeye makes grindy games. Maybe it wasnt that was in the black water days but it has been true since i got here 3 years ago. Fast these days is over speed 30. Lots of hulls can easily get to 36 now. If you want to give up do that if you want to play x-box do that but dont tell me it cant be done its just not true.
  • dean.richardson.507
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    Anyone else not get a boss target after set was over??  On top of that they just increased set B bonus from 500k to 700k... but only after I finished it and just got the 500k..   :(
    HEY MODS!! 
    Another set done and again.. No boss target appeared.!!
    I finally have a fleet that can hurt them and now have no targets!!
  • Serpents_Soul
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    So far, I'm liking this raid. Hope Kixeye leaves the targets alone.
  • ThomasGH
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    So far two sets of C's and attempted a 60 and 65 for a little under 400k in points.  Cost is around 10 coins or $1using Rhinos and frosty lead with D52R.  So to get the 20 mil in points required to get the new hull and weapon would cost me $50.  When in the past it would cost between$10-$20.  Although this is better than the scourge it is still unexceptable.  So this will be raid #4 I will not be participating/coining in.  Points are too low and damage is too high. 
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  • Kalmar1974
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    From what i have seen , use subs to kill the HC, they charge in fast and can be subbed out, then go in with rhino's/v2h and kite the rest. Is it fast no, does it work for minimal damage yes.
  • carl.wear.3
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    ok if my ships are only as big at those sm ones in this picture and u can see from starting pt my range is NO where close but yet that big ship can hit me from where i start. why is this 89 not worth more than a few 100k ?  that range on that HUGE ship is almost the whole target playing field as it also gets kicker bonus range from sm ones once they move.  it has missiles, and black airplane drones and a ton of other weapons and anti weapons. so why is a 89 worth the same amount of pts as  69 is my question when the damage out put is more than 4 x the amount??? 
    Great. Another case of Kix getting confused with what we ask for. We ask for rogue crews to be improved, they stuff them up. We want weapons rebalanced and they make drac ships overpowered.  We want a drydock and they give it to the drac's instead.  :)
  • charliewonka2019
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    how long the targhets on the map will stay? 30 minutes -1 h? before they respawn again?
  • cesar augusto jovel
    cesar augusto jovel
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    i have only hit a few targets...
    its a step up from the last raid.... but it can be done... the level 89 boss is fun lol....
    cant believe i killed it first go... oh well.... 
    back to the raid we go...
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  • Bananaland
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    the targets seem to hang around a lot longer than last time. so far i havent come across the disappearing targets bug. which means i have to say 'well done'
    as for the actual target difficulty.... no comment :}
  • The_Dome
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    oneflame said:
    More False Advertising and Fraud:

    Kixeye has falsely advertised this December Raid , (and also the previous one). It is advertised to include low level players, (20+ and 40+). However, Kixeye was made aware that players could not actually participate in these events successfully because player level does not correspond to their actual ships and items.

    Kixeye requires these players to "Coin" in order to hope to participate. Even still, Kixeye has ensured that this game content is far beyond "challenging", intentionally constraining these players. The rate they attain "points" is so low, they cannot save up enough to redeem prizes.

    The repair mechanic in the game facilitates the fraud, demanding lengthy repair times, or alternatively forces players to send in "zombie/whelp fleets" over and over again, for hours and hours, to get a few hundred points at a time.

    Even level 40+ players who have maxed out their "Research" fleets: Legendary Battle Barge A's (R3), Cutlass IIIs, SFB 3, Eng 3, Stalkers w/Havoc IV or even Vortex & Cat 3, etc....), or Sea Wolves, etc. These new players are further mislead to believe that they have good, or even very good chances to receive blueprints from cargos, though impossible to accomplish during these events, and even during the month beforehand.

    This is actually illegal under California Civ. 3294.
    So what are you really going to do about it? Blackmailing probably won't work, I'm guessing.
  • Chanook
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    tonny630 said:
    CM DoomRooster said: 

    In the past, there have been Tips & Tricks posts regarding the upcoming event, but as this event is set to have an almost identical set up to last month's, I decided to forgo the Tips & Tricks post for December

    I'm beginning to wonder what Roosters excuse is going to be this time because "almost identical" is far from what i'm seeing in this raid. what a load of horse **** we've been fed.i would have been extremely pleased with the company had they kept things even "close" to the same.

    Doom, do you care to explain your apparent blunder?? and also from what dispensary do you by you bud and are you willing to send me some?
    You and me both agree on this.  This raid is nothing even close to 'Identical' to the last raid.  WTF are you guys smoking?
    The format is the same as the previous raid: Hit A, B, C targets; spawn boss targets; attack Vanguards when they un-bubble. 

    I have messaged recently that the A set was more difficult, especially the level 86 target. The B & C-set targets are exactly the same set up as the previous event. 

    Hope this helps clear things up. 
    You just don't get it. The A set should have been left alone from the last raid. The B and C needed the damage brought down. Tell the team to get their heads out of their **** and get it right.
    No actually they did it right. Most high levels were doing the raid coinfree last time, myself included, while the lowers levels (the ones that hit B & C) were struggling. This time the higher levels have to adjust our tactics etc which is more fun. And yes we take more damage but by using different fleets, you can still do it almost coinfree. 
    It's good they didn't change the B & C, so now the lower levels had 2 months to get ready. I don't hear much complaining from them in my alli :)
  • RedBear 25
    RedBear 25
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    Did A set.  Been prepping them for my crew.  Difficulty is substantial but not overwhelming for me. 

    That said, I watched people in C and B targets.  They appear way too hard.  No reason to have 80+ thermal ships in C and B tier to guard low points from subs that cant outrange them.  At least put them on par with B and R range torps like before, so the top basic subs have a shot.

    C tier should be no thermal.  High sonar fine, but no thermal it's ridiculous.  Predators completely removed from the raid with this nonsense.

    Oh, and one last thing Doom, WHERE ARE THE TOKENS?  The ONLY reduction to build time that worked and you yanked it!
  • carebears are food
    carebears are food
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    OMG it's to hard!......I can't do it with out the latest and greatest tech!......<------does this sound like u?well if it is u better look here>>>>>>!40M600L0U0L0L0C1S0R171A1A5353535353530ZZ0ZZ0ZZ0ZZdB

    Here's a basic v2h build using t3 or lower fm/raid tech that could be used to kill the thermal hulls in A set for almost no to kill the non- thermal hulls USE SUBS. Or ask a friend to prep with subs for u.

    i long for the day when kix turns sector travel off to make trouble in the ranks mwahahaha
  • Cobra-SBS
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    i dont mind losing ships and **** near my whole fleet to at least 5 ships but god damnit 1 freakin ship dammaging and amost killing my whole fleet against 1 freakin ship wtf !!!!

  • scott_y44
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    i do like the fact that the targets have phalax 4 in them already

  • Casey_L972
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    Cobra-SBS said:
    i dont mind losing ships and **** near my whole fleet to at least 5 ships but god damnit 1 freakin ship dammaging and amost killing my whole fleet against 1 freakin ship wtf !!!!

    lol. Same here. My fleet of Frosty and V2h destroyed by the HC in a 80.
  • SirBootyStealer
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    why waste a special slot on laser targeting when the v2-h is already retargetable?

  • erasmo.belfiore
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    I believe it's time for some clarification on how the new UAV and hull will work. I tested 5 on a Warbird, and they didn't chain, even with the powercell.  
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  • sorenson.ang
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    nort said:
    No c targets in range? Not good for low levels...
    and VERY LITTLE open targets too
    War Commander level 32
  • Buddah88
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    OMG it's to hard!......I can't do it with out the latest and greatest tech!......<------does this sound like u?well if it is u better look here>>>>>>!40M600L0U0L0L0C1S0R171A1A5353535353530ZZ0ZZ0ZZ0ZZdB

    Here's a basic v2h build using t3 or lower fm/raid tech that could be used to kill the thermal hulls in A set for almost no to kill the non- thermal hulls USE SUBS. Or ask a friend to prep with subs for u.

    Having to use multiple fleets with highend tech, is not an acceptable answer as solution. 
    You can only do this raid in an acceptable manner if you have SUBS, AND then a topend highest range hull/weapon.
    Its retarded in all degrees. 
    No tactics, just having the newest tools always. Aka coining.

    Since rhinos got out, I have been able to build 7 ships. 5 of them Rhinos, ONE... ONE sub, in that timeframe. Thats over 65days buildtime. Add on top a flagship and thats three months of building. To make sure I had something to kill crap scourge if they came back. 
    I then did well in last format, because I had rhinos. Now Im back to doing absolutely nothing again during an entire raid. I can play for 30mins.. Then wait 6hours to redo the 30m.
    Thats 3 out of 4 raids in undoable because they cannot tune their raids. They rather want to stuff damage down ones throat than accept that we want tactical play. And no, tactical play doesnt mean solely building ships you have no idea wether is required or not.

    No hell NO. They promised to stop this crapola. And then they tune things up so you take more damage than you just got in repair reductions? Yeah **** Kixeye.
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