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    i agree with you fully, it shouldn't be impossible to "give" ppl officers and it deffo sux to have to coin 10% more on everything (or wait it out)
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    Thank you DoomRooster for the information, maybe I'll start playing more when the changes are made.

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    So..... Kixeye asked BV for 3 months, and it's taken them 3 months just to come up with a post outlining a bunch of stuff "coming soon" at some point next year.

    The worst of it is, i've heard almost all of this before, and it just smells of more smoke and mirrors and delaying tactics to me.

    I'll wait and see what these "Sweeping changes to weapons and armor" are that are meant to be coming this month but I have heard absolutely nothing in this post that convinces me this game is worth persevering with going into 2016.
    Maybe read it a bit more, they stated a lot but not all of this will be coming in December.... I am actually happy with this post, as it shows a lot of thought has gone into this not just a whim of an ill thought out solution... and Some of this is massive change that can take up to 6 months to code... 3 mths to research redesign code and test was never going to happen, some changes are coming, good... and we have outlines of other linger term items in progress.... not there yet but this is a massive step inthe right direction
    as far as im concerned, ive heard enough about what they plan to do and what they are promising to do, and i know im not the only one.  Words are just words, immediate action is required.  It is not like the BV show from a few months ago is the first time kixeye has heard about these issues, it simply was the first time they knew 90% of the player base was seriously ready to give up.  As more of a constructive critisizm and less of a rant, if you want any of your ideas to work you need to impliment the player base as a whole, not just the elite few.  Using uranium for example, if your plan is to use it to lower build and repair times than the price needs to be a. cheaper than 30k, like we have been seeing & b. be an appropriate amount for the target player.  Also, it is nice to be in alliance and play with a group of people but if the only way to grow is by being in an alliance that would be bad.  Alliances should be bonus not a neccesity.
    alliances have never been a must have but keep in mind ppl formed groups even before the alliance function was added nothing in the alliance forces youu to be in it
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    seems some people lead a sad life,you all been asking for changes as far as i can read they are trying their best now and realised that they have to change now its not enough wow time for you guys to go do 1,lets face it they didnt have to change it or even offer you a chance to say anything........even companys have to pay their staff bills and everything else this i would say is just a start give them time 

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    The simple fact is that the past year, kix has not coped well with other games becoming more advanced, and player motivation has been dropping. This has led to less income and therefore they have tried to throw everything at us so we coin more. What this state of the game post shows, is that at least some people in kix have the right mindset, and for an old game thats been battered by the community its a good start (finally)
    Give them a bit of space, and AS LONG as these changes actually start to take effect, this game may yet have a bit of a chance left.

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    'Repair Times

    Arguably, the largest pain point from the community has been the cost of repair in the game. We have been exploring this problem from every angle and have several proposals for how to tackle it. All of our data confirms what you already know: the cost of repair is too **** high!'

    This above all else for me is the biggest problem in the game......You NEED to implement a substantial (50%) reduction in repair time  across the board now! 

    Then you can spend time looking into unnecessarily complicated possible fixes.

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    u gotta b fkn kiddin me,, why the merge of threads

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    don't care about anything else or how good it may appear to be,  players don't want uranium cost on our ship builds. 

    I would hate to see kixeye potentially putting a lot of effort into resolving our issues, only for it too be wasted by a "consistent" uranium cost that adds to the chore of the game.

    remove and forget about plans to add uranium cost to certain blueprints , we don't want that

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    it looks very interesting, a couple of  concerns so far "Purchasable reductions to repair" we are not asking for it to be free instant repair, but straight away you mention Purchasable, is this using coins or uranium?

    Uranium cost, why? why not just reduce the time?

    this is what will happen,

    you will increased the difficulty in getting uranium, and the cost will be high, so you will have to coin to get the uranium you need to start the build, basically by coining for the uranium you are effectively coining the ship build!

    uranium needs to be a resource just like all the rest no matter what you do when ever you get res  you get uranium, treat it like the old Zynth, you always needed it but you could get it for free, even from salvages, yes you can get it from elite cargo but that is not enough!

    cheaters, they used to be banned and that was that, now people can openly hack knowing they can be unbanned.

    Haters will always Hate

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    It's the best BS post yet as regards hey we're listening to you we are "honestly" looking into it, and we will be moving things forward and making the game better, but it's that old time will tell, and so far since I been playing for the last 3-4 years, the only time will tell I've seen is up yours and coin more suckers if you want to play.
    So there proven track record is poor, so I'm like most wait and see and expect to get screwed over.
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    Continuing to wait, times almost up lets see if they can convince use to stay.
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    so you still want a cost to  fix the long fix times !!! and nothing to help every one with the long bild times eather ... so much for kixeye aims  this stuff be for those who have all the top stuff all ready every one else have no chance  more will still quit  trust me.......

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    It sounds pretty decent, only time will tell how well the changes will work.  I do worry a bit with the whole added uranium cost, and rebalancing on a major scale is always worrisome. 
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    Why all the thinking and planning and evaluating ?  

     Just change the value of a few parameters and JUST CUT BUILD & REPAIR TIMES IN HALF !

    Would it not be simpler and faster and less expensive to implement ?    KIxeye is OVER-THINKING THIS.

    No major re-coding.    No complicated new "systems".    
    Just  turn on the 1/2 repair switch that is used during raids and leave it on.

    I'm sure there is a similar parameter for the shipyard.   Just change a few numbers in the code.

    If Kixeye is afraid it might hurt there bottom lime too much, do it in stages.  Cut build and repair times across the board by IDK 20%  at first and see if it stimulates more player activity.   Then cut them some more.   Keep doing that until revenue and player participation improves.

    This is a no brainer.
    because if you halve repair time, you then need to double the difficulty of PvE.

    it is PvP where repair time needs addressing.

    people would cry.
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    why players cant trade uranium for shorter repairs and build times?
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    most of it seems they aim to tackle the problems in the game, not to sure about where they plan to unlock new ships with regard to 'sector threat'?
    A someone who jumps most weeks would need to see how this works, and hopefully it wont be a broken feature like medals or alliance search ;)

    All in all though it sounds like most of the things sound promising, certainly about allowing players with older tech to get back into the game to compete
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    it also would be nice to be able to travel with a ship through all worlds via relay tower
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    wulfgaran said:
    Why do they make solutions sounds more complicated then they have to be? 

    Is it really that difficult to just reduce repair times 50% permanently and reduce build times by 50% across the board?

    Why bother with this "build time as a factor of weight added" crap?
    When it doubt, it is ALWAYS best to KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID, or at least that is what experience has taught me when trying to implement something new.  This series of fixes reminds me a little bit of the old Rube Goldberg comic strips that represented overly complicated devices constructed to do simple, mundane activities like dunking a donut in your coffee.  Google it and you will see how silly it looks, and how troubling this "fix" could be.

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    @carl.wear.3 said:
    So we have to collect 10 shards to get a draconian shipyard that reduces build times by 2%. Wow BIG FRIGGING DEAL, 2 %.  So a 100 day fleet build takes 98 days. And just what are the odds of getting each shard? Kixeyes standard 0.1% or less?

    You're blowing a gasket on an example that we have no idea if there are multiple opportunities to redeem or even how it works. Doom shouldn't have put this in as people take it literally and think it's the end all be all.

    Why aren't you asking how changing build times to a weight based calculation for components, armors and specials impacts build times instead of continuing your perpetual whining? That is where the opportunity for true build time reduction can be realized.

    In other words, you didn't read the big picture

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    • Components that are often refit will be given a lower time cost and a Uranium cost.

    Now I know kixeye will never really give us anything for free without it costing us somewhere else but the above single line will only serve to drive more people away.

    Just to clarify where I fit in gathering uranium I have no issue with getting it as I can kill the armada's and I regularly hit elite twice each week. (currently up to date and will be getting tokens from elite this week.) But what about those who struggle to get uranium? They will be left wanting to build or refit something but unable to do so because they can't get enough uranium to do the build or refit.

    The uranium requirement adding weapons to ships was one of the things I mentioned when filling out the survey the other day being a bad idea and an expansion of this to add the requirement to more items would result in me hanging up my pirate hat for good and I'm wondering how many others are thinking the same.

    Yes we do desperately need a reduction in build times but NOT at the cost of adding a uranium requirement.

    Repair times well, the easiest and most obvious solution to this has been stated so many times, a flat reduction across the board is all that is needed the code is already there just use it, it doesn't even have to be the 50% that some people want; hell I would be happy with a permanent 25% reduction during normal game play and a further reduction during raids to bring it down to where we currently sit for raids at 50% of normal. We do not want to do chores to collect something to eventually get a 2% reduction in something, it's just adding more work and adding complicated coding for something that should be easier to solve.

    Everything else well will just have to see.

    For now though i'll just keep watching with keen interest, either I will carry on playing or I will hang up my pirate hat, my final decision will be the result of what route kixeye chose to take. 

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