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    the zap said:
    i agree rustdog,way to little ,way to late

    the only question i have to figure out now is

    xbox one or PS 4

    yay, we can coin our repairs on the map

    made me lmfao and beer come out my nose

    pass the kool aid

    For what it's worth, I read that as being about instant repairs, not the 5min+ ones.
    oh my friend

    it says we can 'instantly repair' on the map

    you think they give a rats **** about us bein able to insta repair ? 

    cmon  now,, just sayin
  • Charles McClellan
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    Players have been asking for most of this for over a year and now Kixeye acts like its a new issue and they need more time to address the issues ? They could lower repair times with very little work two weeks tops. They have been working on build and repair times for how long? We got jokens and rank your fleets for small reduction then they stopped working on it.
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    Jaboti said:
    Maybe I'm slow but I've read nothing that seems to be an actual improvement to the game. They talked all around the issues with no real solution. If you want to reduce build time and repair time just do it. The complicated formulas that kixeye has presented won't produce any measurable solution for the average player. How complicated is it just to cut build time or repair time by 30 to 50 percent? (which would be a move in the right direction.) Currently Kixeye's fleets are always faster, more powerful, and out range any weapon players have, how is this fair? Kixeye why don't you level the playing field by using tech and weapons that are available to the players. For example, in events Kixeye shouldn't use fleets, weapons, tech, or armor that has been retro-fitted to a level that is not accessible to the players. IDK maybe its me, but I'm tired of having smoke blown up my ****.
    What you mean you don't like the AI's in the raids to hit ya across the screen?
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    rank became a necessity because of raids.. for awhile just putting a crew on help curve this a bit but now that that went out the window cost wise rank is even more important. i wont be surprised if after a few more months of 85's the bonus alter makes that work useless. and saying something about over powered weapons while still putting new ones out is just a waste of time.
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    One thing i really do not like is the "replay" after you get hit take that crap off we all know where to watch our replays all it does is allow someone time to move and readjust their fleet before we get chance to hit repair... it needs to go straight to base repair button!!! Another thing we are now getting 2 pop ups after killing a base only need the one who says who won not that status of our ships... I'd prefer if neither screen popped up until you got back to your base!!! Also there still is a 10-15 second delay after a guard is killed off a base it allows someone else to hit you, i think once a fleet is engaged on base it shouldn't be allowed to be glitch hit!!!
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    I liked what I read. It is a start. I do wish though Kix would listen to the players about things like a refit dock. I will give them some more time.
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    its not going to work thay never get it right
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    While Kixeye may be excited I can say that I am very disappointed. It has taken 3 months to come up with not much more than hot air. This is a very confusing outline of changes which raise more questions than it does provide answers. Very disappointed. Stop blowing hot air at us and do something now!!!! This is rubbish.
  • Capt Dreamer
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    Great to see improvements made  to the game, a fairer system is welcome news always. I'm also pleased to see, kixeye banning cheats/hackers this is the corner stone to the battle pirates population and integrity of the game.
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    Just reduce the build and repair times by 50%  immediately and then take it from there.

    Its not difficult to do it.
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    I honestly dont care about repair times or build times.  Love to see the VXP fix get implemented ASAP.  Tho honestly.  Just stoping coined ranking would  fix it almost completely
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    LOL the 3 months kix talked about is for them to get their employees to watch all BV shows and maybe also all the battle pirate crib shows
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    Just reduce the build and repair times by 50%  immediately and then take it from there.

    Its not difficult to do it.
    I agree, putting into a effect a temporary repair reduction of 50%(same as raid one) 24/7 and adding a build/research reduction  of 50% into it would be a nice start to help NOW. The ycan remove it once those promised changes come into effect in 2016.

    + adding higher reduction bonuses in VXP specialist and releasing form older to newer hulls new vxp specialist on hulls not having one should be put into effect immediatly.

    They are relatively quick changes that dont require lots of programming time(use those ppl working on new content we dont want right away) and can be put into effect for all rapidly.
  • Ron Pilcher
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    It is nice to see that Kix is willing to put forth at least a road-map for repairing the game, and like others posted here, I have seen this map before.  The trouble with this map is Kixeye is actually reading the map - they have not looked up to view the road in front of them.  I have just jumped out of a sector with many High Level players (70+) whose bases lay fallow.  There are places on the map that are basically ghost towns, even the low level players were not to be seen.  Since this game became a public stock issuance, it has no longer taken an interest in the People who actually play the game and fund the company, but, has paid attention to some peon in an investment firms opinion on how to run the game and turn profits.  It might be best to take the advice of a multi-millionaire who said "I would rather have 1000 people buy a $10 item, than one person but a $10,000 item".  In the short term they seem equal, but over the long term - it is those people spending $10 at a time that keeps your business afloat.
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    GenGrant said:
    BUILD TIMES - An across the board 50 - 70% cut
    REPAIR TIMES - An across the board 50% cut (not hard you do it during raids, so don't say it isn't practical or that it can't be done), then reduce that by 50% during raids.
    With your Build Times suggestion I agree. But repair times, only 50% cut? Really, I'd say at least 80% cut with additional 75% during raids.
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    okay at the end of the day loads protested the build times kixeye attitude at the time was like it or lump it ,loads walked away ,loads asked for a second dock kixeye attitude was not going to happen  ,now kixeye saying a possible three thing about build times and it dont take a brain surgeon to work out the second option is the one you favour  pay for faster repairs ,all i see  now when ever kixeye type is how too screw more money out of the players ,well the bad news is  loads of payers now spending the cash on xbox one or ps4 as at least with them u pay for the game once and dont have the feeling your being screwed all the time ....12 million dollar turn over is what your c.o predicted when is kixeye going to be happy ,christ if my business did 1 million a year id be happy but no not kixeye its a never ending money grab .sorry  kixeye ill just use the coms too chat to old mates now ,till the game dies
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    on first read through it does sound like they have been listening  but the solutions seem to be complicated .if they can reduce repair times during a raid to 50%,why not reduce it to 25%the rest of the time,i would have thought that would be much easier.refits is one of my biggest bone of contentions,i cant build and refit at the same time.i know they think it will effect the economics of the game(there profits)but i dont see it.i can build a ship 28 days,and coin the refits i would like to do at the same time,much better for them as i am spending some .the whales will still coin there new hulls and weapons,they will not be refitting they can afford not too.
     even the whales are beginning to say enough ,you need the mid to low lvl coiners too,and even those that play for free but they dont feel like they can compete and they are leaving it is new blood coming in and staying .it is very difficult to get a balance to making enough money to keep it going for the shareholders and  to keep enough players interested and able to compete in the game.
     as far as sector orange goes you still need to address the current issues re spawing at yellow ,we opened the sector and got four lvl 75 armadas not many hitting them.after around 15 to 20 mins one lvl 60,more can hit this so it got hit very quick,then the bar dropped back to opening cargo again.i spoke to the cs team about this but as they do not play the game they did not understand what the problem is.we need more lvl 60 spawing and once hit respawning quicker or else we will never open the orange sector bar .at least this is the situation in my sector (111).or you might end up with everyone trying to jump to just the sectors where orange is being done and so inbalance between sectors will develop.
     it might be too little too late i am not sure ,trust from the players needs to be won back if you are to save this game(i have been playing over 4years now).it will not be won back with this one dimiss but with actions and delivering .
  • Rustdog
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    Overpriced Builds and Refits

    Because of the increased fleet size, increases to costs per component, as well as an increase in the number of slots on ships, build and refit costs have become inflated. Since no one singular feature will fix this problem in the short-term, we’ve come up with a solution that we believe will reduce costs and see to it that they never get wildly out-of-control again. Here are the changes:


    • Weapons, armors, specials, and tacticals are assigned build time based on the weight they add to the ship (no more Negotiator Mortar problem).

    • So with this what would the AVERAGE build time be and the same with Refit's??

    • Components that are often refit will be given a lower time cost and a Uranium cost.

      • This is intended to lower refit costs and allow for more active refits.

      • Includes light weapons, specific resist specials, countermeasures, armors, and role-centric specials (including sonar)

    • With this are you saying that NEW teck will be CHEAPER to refit?

    • Hull build costs will be based on ship weight capacity with two exceptions:

      • Some older ships have higher-than-normal capacity and will be discounted

      • Ships with unique effects (such as the Aegis) will have the hidden value of that effect factored into its build cost

    • Where in this ^^^^ Have you done anything to FREE up TIME??
    • The new research system will offer multiple opportunities to lower shipyard build costs with the intention that build costs fluctuate around a current standard cost while also lowering the cost of old hulls and tech automatically.
    • To make this work the percent would have to be HIGH to make MOST of us stay or have a Level limit to where Mid to High level's could get it.Even a low Time on the research with Res ONLY no U!! Time is what's KILLING the game as of NOW so keep it simple or sorry where gone!!!
  • The_Judged
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    GREAT ideas, but after all the smoke and daggers the last year I will continue to be sceptical till I see results. Kix has made minor efforts the last couple months but not enough to get me coining again, have to see how this pans out... as to the retrofits... this was designed originally to make older tech and hulls more relevant, it turned into a required part of play and kix adjusted difficulty based on the retro upgrades and started throwing the newer tech in there right after release... wrong use of the retro lab imo.
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    What a lot of confusing double speak. Is this deliberate? It seems like nothing more than a cover up for a lack of action.  Really disappointed!
  • Quincey Bailey
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    Ok Development Team Head I'll put my two cents in.

    1. Reavers, The Scourge, Now Draconian and our own kind (Unidentified Raider Fleets) all have super weapons. Player (customer ) weapons are not the issue on balance it's NPC targets that leave no angle of attack creating a suicide unsustainable grinding through weak instant repair hulls or zombies. All we get is the old rhetoric response that NPC event targets will always be more powerful. That's bullchit. We are fighting Kixeye over these issue more than trying to enjoy hitting storyline characters. Also the bullchit over reverse engineering being less than the original. That's not a reality. You reverse engineer then improve apon the design.
    2. Value for our coin. What is a reasonable coin per point payout. What is considered the right amount of coin purchase that would make it benefits both consumer and the corporate office. I even suggested a coin for points cause alot can't grind for free or constantly coin suicide fleets into targets hopefully getting enough points to get the big toys. Also how about an after raid sale on the usual payday people have, Fridays for people with Real Life issues that hinders progression.
    3. We need a rant, troll, and goodbye post section in forums that as long as no criminal or civil penalties under the law that the ToS states is harmful. A place where mods don't just delete or silence some of the funny shanagans that can be entertainment.
    4. Simple point here. Instant repair dock. Let's us play no matter who hits us. Most of battle pirates is played outside the base anyways. The nickel and dime crap over docks is obsolete.
    5. Build and repair times. OK simple on build. Make a "Happy Hour" for those who coin feet and set repair times to a max of 5 coins per fleet no matter their strength. Once a quarter would do. Make uranium options verses time for both repair and builds.
    6. Tokens for builds are obtained only by those with the toys to do weekly missions for free and faster than a majority of players.
    7. Side game for shards, tokens, limited tech or weapons and unique hulls. Say a slot machines concept I out in coin I get something in return. And a Jackpot of some type.
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