Scourge intel: Why they are so powerful

The Qing
The Qing
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[transmission start]
[encrypt key:926471]

To all Forsaken allies,

The Scourge moves on our strongholds with an unmatched pace. Though they have not been at the surface for eternity, they have somehow refitted all their hulls with uber-unreactive and increased missle resistance, rendering the harrier missle and antipode launcher useless.

As expected, my own fleets sunk within a minute of entering combat.

However, we have managed to retrieve a body of a dead Scourge crew member. Apart from the unusual ritual scars and other adaptations expected of a deep-sea dweller, autopsy shows a complete obliteration of the **** of the Scourge member, including disgusting infections and fungal growths.

This damage is horrifying to see. Previously, autopsies of Reaver crew showed only somewhat severe damage to their rectums.

Our conclusion: the Scourge must have offered full unrestricted access to their arseholes to Kixeye the Almighty. This explains the unholy power that their ships have been granted, which makes even the Reavers fear them.

I and the crew will cower in our outpost for the remainder of this Ascension. Hopefully we go unnoticed by this enemy. When Kixeye the Almighty gives his full blessing to them, we can only cower in fear.

[transmission end]

Playing this game is like trying to row a boat up a waterfall.
  • Bloody Bill
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    That is funny.

    The irony here is overwhelming.
  • The Qing
    The Qing
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    Glad you think that way :smile: Dunno why kix moved it to fan creations

    Playing this game is like trying to row a boat up a waterfall.
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  • Sea_Wolf334
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  • Dazandren
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    i love it!!  hilarious  lolol :D
  • rtomera1
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    theres no bread let them eat cake lmao 

  • machine-R-us
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    lmao i love this
    imagecoop is a must in this game to make lower lvls better because with out coop this game will die and the stupid trolls and idiots dont care about low lvls 
  • StingUSA
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    I figured it had to be a bribe of some kind...
  • Grathakar
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    TOO Funny!

  • leonvdburgh
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    Again the same powerful fleets
  • DeathStorm13
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    Well can i get the Kixeye power treatment next lol ?  I want OP ships and weapons that nobody can get .....
    Normal work day at Kixeye . I had Jail Bars Twice does that make me an Double Badass ?

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