How to Succeed at War Commander and Life; Advice from a Combat Veteran

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Greeting Fellow Commanders,

I have been enjoying playing War Commander for almost 5 years now and have many years of service as a combat veteran.  Here are 5 strategies that work in War Commander and in real life.

1.  Play the game as ethically as you would in real life and as you were raised to do.  I was raised to never lie, cheat, or steal.  If you steal another player's resource deposits then, don't expect your deposits to be left alone and don't be surprised if they are reclaimed.
2.  Treat others fairly and with respect.  Just because you can bubble another player's base doesn't mean you should.
3.  Make or break your alliances on the conduct and actions of those who share the same values.  Know who your friends are and be careful of which clan or "gang" you join.  Although joining a group may offer some degree of safety, be aware there is always a cost.  How well do you know these self-proclaimed "bosses" of this clan? What if they ask you to do something that does not agree with your personal ethics? (See #1)  If you stand your moral ground and say "no", then what kind of position are your in?  First, true leaders would never ask you to do something they would not be willing to do themselves.  Second, a good leader should have no difficulty in explaining why a deliberate attack is necessary and  have proof (strong intelligence) to back it up.  Even in the military, you always have a choice.  "I was ordered to do it" is no excuse for unethical behavior.
4. If you retaliate, retaliate in kind.  If someone attacks you base or depot, you have a reasonable right to attack their base or re-take your deposit.  However, you should resist the urge to take more deposits or bubble them multiple times.  This goes beyond justice, and makes you nothing more than a bully.
5. Set the example and make an effort to develop those who haven't been as fortunate or come as far.  Give a lower level a resource deposit, help in opening up a thorium deposit, or share your techniques for getting through some of those difficult event levels. Your actions will speak more than than a lot of hollow talk about "how they are going to protect the sector."

So there you go, five strategies that I guarantee with help you with War Commander and Life!

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