Banned, Wrongfully Banned! (to the tune of "Food Glorious Food")

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Since drama is the order of the day we might as well give it a soundtrack.  Here's a song for the folks who swear they never ever broke the terms of they break the terms of service to discuss their ban on this forum.

Linking to the original for reference...of the great injustice under discussion here. smirk

Banned Wrongfully Banned
(to the tune of "Food Glorious Food")

Starting a new forum thread
Now that my account is dead
CS says that I am banned!

I ain't never been a cheat
It's injustice, indiscreet.
CS says that I am banned!

There's not a hint of just why can I find,
Can I beg, can I borrow or cadge.
But there's nothing to stop me from getting a thrill
When I start a new thread and complain of:

Banned, wrongfully banned!
Still here to start drama.
While I'm in the mood
Let's whine to my mama.

I've charged to my credit card.
That ought to mean something.
Oh golly I've got it hard,
Now I'm left with nothing.

Banned, wrongfully banned!
Still on at the forum--
You misunderstand.
[Yak yakety] Bore 'em.

Just picture my sister Sue:
Level sixty-four.
We're banned!
Wrongfully banned!
Terribly banned!
And she's age four!

Banned, wrongfully banned!
Don't care if my thread's mocked.
Burned!  Underdone!  Crude!
Don't care if the thread's locked.

Just thinking which thing they caught
My senses go reeling--
One moment of knowing that
Hit the ceiling!

Banned, wrongfully banned!
What wouldn't I give for
That extra bit more
That's all that I live for.

Why shouldn't I warn my friends
Which cheat not to do?
A clue
Give me a clue
Tell me a clue
Hand me a clue
What not to do!
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    to funny
  • Skyfall drac2
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    Haha! Classic! You nailed it on the head! Well done :) Nice lyrics as well, and very true! 

    I award this the top forum song :D !

    "Everything is OK in the end, if it's not OK, then it's not the end."

  • CTGrafitti
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    Can't help but notice the only people who think you're funny are you, another GM, and a New guy who doesn't know any better (and can't spell).
  • Lucky Luke
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    Can't help but notice the only people who think you're funny are you, another GM, and a New guy who doesn't know any better (and can't spell).
    You should put your glasses on...look at all the likes.
  • Freakshow
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    I thought it was great. 

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    This should belong in Fan Creations. :D
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    Haha, ermm i am really not sure where this thread is going to end up, so therefore i am going to leave this thread open for the time being, but i am going to move it.
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  • Wyvern The PinkiePie
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    Lol. :D

    "You are Banned. Not big surprise. :3" Don't know if I should say that to people who whine about getting permabanned. XD
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    I thought this was related to the Ice Age 2 verison,

    Want some popcorn to go with that argument there?

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  • tarzon.jihed
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    Remo Wojak has been banned for taking advantage of a KIXEYE glitch, He has been playing for at least 3 years that I know of and is a good player, is it that because he does not COIN and took advantage of KIXEYEs mess up that you have banned him?  as I seem to see those who COIN get away with it. This is so unfair to a good and helpful player in giving advice etc on how to play wc, Please think about those who DO NOT CHEAT but use YOUR errors to their advantage as I am sure you do KIXEYE,

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