New twist for a C&C type game.

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I like playing war games like Command & Conquer or StarCraft where armies are built fast and die fast and the goal is wearing the enemy down over a series of battles.

So I was thinking today about making a hybrid of this type of game with characteristics found in MMO type games.

For the main twist, instead of preset game units, custom builds would be a major factor in strategy. Players research and develop tech and components to design their own unit builds. For example, they could take a tank unit and add on different weapons, armor and abilities/specials and then an icon for this design would appear in the build yard to start producing it.

Everything should still be well balanced with the rock-paper-scissors but this would greatly expand the strategic options available while allowing players to continually progress in the game as required in MMO games.

You can have a much faster pace game where players can get to together and blow things up and nobody complaining about build and repair times.

Wait times will be in a slow path of progression in tech options and upgrades as well as speeding build times.
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    You pretty much described a game called warzone 2100 with some vega conflict thrown in there as well. Would be fun tho

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