Charles McClellan
Charles McClellan
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Drone wars or wallet wars both fit
  • JolleyRoger4
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    Forsaken Whale wars
  • ahab253
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    second month raid
  • SoCalMade
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    Wallet Wars
    Lvl: BlackWater Pirate (If you don't know what that means, you're a noob)

    Hulls: Years worth before completion

    Game thoughts: Coming soon
  • katra5
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    *humor intended imagine a nice booming sports caster voice*

    And we go live now to the Wallet Wars which is happening all over the Black Seas!

    Reavers, Draconians and Forsaken have pooled their resources in order to let captains duke it out! Who will survive! Who will prosper!

    We take you live now to the floor with Captain Jimmy who's interviewing one of the captains.

    "Captain SoCal, what are your thoughts on the Wallet Wars!?"

    "Well Jimmy, sadly I dont think my wallet is big enough." SoCal pulls out his wallet and it only has 500 coins in it. (this is in humor please remember)

    "Well SoCal maybe you'll get lucky and be tossed into another bracket! Bob, it looks like some folks are ooing and aweing over a few people near Serena go over there and see whats happening!"

    "Serena, how are things shaping up where you are?"

    "Well Bob, I'm with Captain Blackbeardlottacoin and he seems to be doing really well! He's already at 10,000 points! I dont think any one will catch him. So Captain, what is your strategy?!"

    "Well Serena, I have no "Strategy" I just have a chest full of booty!" *laughs manically as he kicks open the chest with 250,000 + coins

    "Well Bob, there you have it. it looks like no one is gonna touch this captain in his bracket"

    "Thank you Serena, we now go to the developers of the new Wallet Wars! Mr. Developer, what is your thought on this when Captains could use their own fleets and compete for free? How will you change it to reduce the current outrage that the community feels? With the Captains of Price is Wrong, Nash, Liam, Upper, and Xtreme against this who are major supportors of you, how do you feel betraying their trust making this the new Wallet Wars? Will you be offering a Free Bracket that can be fueled by Uranium Next time?"

    *looks around and see's a cloud of dust*

    Well folks, we'll need to continue this exclusive interview as soon as they return! Until than, You're watching Battles Pirates Wallet Wars on SpinTV! Stay Tuned for Exciting Matches Next!

  • Fred.Falkland
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    FAT still works:

    Furtificus Aurum Transmitto
  • Yoshi9134
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    Wallet Madne$$
  • crazyjr123
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    I can't take credit for it, but on the BV page someone is referring to the FAT as the FART, Forsaken Arena, Revenue Tournament. And Like a fart, it was touted and bragged upon as a change for the better, but in the end there is nothing significant to show.
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