Forsaken Arena Tournament Briefing - 6/30/15 - UPDATED VALKYRIE STATS

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Ahoy Captains!

This month’s Forsaken Arena Tournament introduces a huge alteration from previous Forsaken Tournaments in style and scope.

For this tournament we’ve completely overhauled the Tournament. There’s a ton of things to go through, so let’s get started!


All players who enter the Forsaken Arena Tournament will be able to choose among a plethora of hulls, armor, and weapons to build and customize their fleets.

Notice that the first tab for Fleet I is already unlocked. Any further Fleet slots can be unlocked with increasing gold or Uranium costs for each Fleet slot unlocked, allowing players to build multiple fleets for them to choose from during the Tournament. Keep in mind that these Fleet slots are temporary! Slots purchased during this FAT will not transfer to following FATs.

Fleets can be comprised of any hulls available in the hull list by clicking “Add”. This will allow you to see all the available hulls:

To see information about a hull before making a selection, you may hover your mouse over the image to see the stats and abilities.

Once you’ve made your hull choice, click "Continue" and you will be taken to the Arena Shipyard.

Note: Fleets in the FAT are pre-built with some components already on them. You do not have to keep this set up! Simply hit the "Clear" button and the hull will be open for your custom build! All refits and changes are free of cost and require no time!

From here, you can build your ship as if it were the same as your normal Shipyard, although your selection is limited to the possible components located in the Weapons and Armor window. There is a selection of both blueprint components and researchable components to choose from.

Once you’ve got your build the way you want it, you can click “Continue” button to add the built ship to your fleet.

Again: Building a fleet costs no gold or time! You can track your total weight on the weight bar.

Once you’ve built a ship, you may hover over the ship to see an option to refit or copy this ship.


You may also scrap this ship by selecting “Discard”

Once your fleet is complete, you may queue for a match and start kicking @$$ and taking names!

Fleet building rules:

  • Players cannot bring a personal fleet into the arena.

  • Players will construct a fleet for the tournament from a selection of predetermined hulls/weapons/specials/armor.

  • Construction of Tournament Fleets does not impact the player’s existing builds/shipyard. No shipyard or other bonuses apply -- all players will have the same weight capacity

  • Rogue Crews can be assigned to Tournament fleets as normal. Players may recruit Rogue Crews from their inventory or via rolling for them.

  • Fleet construction completes immediately and at no cost to the player.

  • Players may refit and change their fleet for free, but requires the fleet to be at full health.

  • The Tournament fleet is not accessible outside of the Tournament environment.

  • After combat players must pay resources for any repairs incurred or spend coin to speed up repairs.

  • Repairs are set to 50% repair time to get you back into the arena and fighting for the top spot!

  • VXP Rank bonuses are set to rank 15 (+60% reload and turn speed) for Tournament fleets.

Tournament Rules & Prizes

Unlike previous Tournaments, there are no separate brackets for players to join. Instead, points are earned via damage, where points earned equals damage dealt. Players may earn rewards and prizes for both win progression and rank. Your fleet must be at 100% in order to join the queue. 


Uranium Payout

Like previous Forsaken Arena Tournaments, players can win Uranium based on your points vs the total points in the Tournament.

Win Progression

Players can earn prizes based on the number of wins they achieve in the Tournament. Wins do not need to be consecutive.

5 Wins: 1x 1hr Ship Build Token

25 Wins: Atlas Carrier Blueprint

50 Wins: 3x 1hr Ship Build Tokens

100 Wins: 6x 1hr Ship Build Tokens

125 Wins: 12 hr Ship Build Token

150 Wins: Valkyrie Carrier - New Prize!

New prizes

This limited UAV carrier is an anti-submarine machine. Equipped with both Sonar and Thermal Imaging, it can also fire special override drones that are equipped with miniaturized Subsonic Cavitators that will force submerged ships to surface, making them targetable for attack.

Valkyrie Ship Model

Tournament Prizes by Rank

Rank 1: Valkyrie Carrier x3; Valkyrie “Victory” Paint Job; 1x 24hr Ship Build Token; 2x 12hr Ship Build Token; 6x 1hr Ship Build Tokens.

Rank 2 - 10:

Valkyrie Carrier x3; 1x 24 hr Ship Build Token; 1x 12 hr Ship Build Token; 2x 1hr Ship Build Tokens.

Rank 11 - 25:

Valkyrie Carrier x2; 1x 12hr Ship Build token

Rank 26 - 65:

Valkyrie Carrier; 6x 1hr Ship Build Tokens

Rank 66 - 125:

3x 1hr Ship Build Tokens

Rank 126 - 250:

1hr Ship Build Token

Rank 251 - 500:

Random Rogue Crew

The Tournament begins July 2nd!

Good luck, Captains!
If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.

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Not sure about the rules

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    To clarify the grouping system, as there was some confusion:
    • While there are no brackets, you will still be added to a group that caps out at 500 players when you log in
    • This grouping is determined randomly and separated by world
    • Each group of 500 players has the same prize pool listed above, it's not a single pool split by all players in the game
    • Groups are still filled from the bottom up, so join early if you're going for a top spot
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